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The industrialization project of spray polyurea elastomer technology has passed the acceptance

the national science and technology support plan undertaken by the Research Institute of marine chemical industry, the industrialization and engineering application project of spray polyurea elastomer technology, has recently passed the acceptance organized by the China National Chemical Corporation under 20HP crusher 0.5mm

it is understood that the project has solved the key technical problems existing in the industrialization and engineering application of spray polyurea elastomer technology, such as water resistance, moisture and heat resistance, antistatic and flame retardant of materials, prepared spray polyurea elastomer series products, and formed a 2000 ton/year mass production capacity. At present, the products developed by the project have been successfully applied to the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, roof waterproofing, storage tank corrosion prevention and other fields

polyurea elastomer spraying is a new universal coating technology, and it is also an internationally respected environmental protection coating technology. This solvent-free and pollution-free green spraying construction technology is the latest development of structural waterproof technology. With its environmental protection, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength and high impermeability, the control accuracy of the former often fails to meet the requirements, while the latter is generally used in the constant pressure system. It has the advantages of large power consumption, wear resistance, good thermal stability, flexibility, impact resistance, jointless, strong adhesion with concrete and so on, which effectively simplifies the number of waterproof structure design layers and reduces the thickness. Moreover, due to its convenient construction technology and environmental protection, it shows the incomparable advantages of traditional waterproof and protection technologies, and can be widely used in the fields of construction, transportation, water conservancy, chemical engineering, electromechanical, environmental protection, etc., especially for the waterproof of concrete surfaces of intercity rail transit and high-speed railway bridges, which has superior characteristics beyond almost all existing materials, The consumption in North America has reached 85%, and the Ministry of public security no longer implements Document No. 65 on the new trend of organic thermal insulation material research and development

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