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Industrial application of metallographic microscope

with the development of science and technology, all walks of life will do experiments and failure analysis on samples, of which the indispensable tool is the metallographic microscope, which can magnify the workpiece for microscopic observation Metallographic microscope is widely used in modern electronic industry due to fierce competition. Such as LCD, semiconductor, circuit board, hardware processing, material analysis and other industries

in LCD (liquid crystal screen) industry, it is mainly used for the observation of conductive particles, ternary colors and wires. Conductive particles, also known as crystal balls, mainly depend on their compression condition. The compression condition is based on the opening, but they cannot be crushed or pressed, otherwise poor conductivity will occur. However, it is difficult to observe the compression of the advantages of the particle assay pendulum film impact tester, because the particles are close to transparent, and the diameter is only 8um, so the requirements for observation equipment are very high. General equipment can only vaguely see particles, which can't solve the actual observation needs at all. In order to solve this problem, the metallographic microscope adopts the processes of multi-layer coating, maximum output of spherical surface and achromatic aberration in the processing process, so that the observation effect is clearer and more real. In addition, it is equipped with a high-tech component called differential interference, also known as the nomasky phenomenon, which can make the conductive particles look more three-dimensional and make the observer more accurate and confident about his observation results

metallographic microscope is mainly used for analysis and appearance inspection in the semiconductor industry to check whether there are impurities inside the product, whether there are scratches on the external surface, and whether there are short circuits, open circuits, wiring and other undesirable phenomena on the surface circuit

metallographic microscope is mainly used in circuit board industry to observe the state of circuit, etching and coating

the above is the application mode of metallographic microscope in industries where the supply of different waste plastic particles is in short supply

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