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Hongrun new intelligent exchange Electrotechnical meter industrialization project was listed in the "2012 National Torch Plan"

recently, Hongrun company's new intelligent exchange Electrotechnical meter industrialization project was listed in the 2012 national torch plan by the Ministry of science and technology, and obtained the certificate issued by the torch high tech industry development center of the Ministry of science and technology, project number 2012gh041309. The inclusion of this project in the national Torch Plan marks another solid step in the company's independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation, and efforts to build an industrial automation control instrument industrialization base

the new intelligent AC electrician meter adopts the 32-bit microprocessor of tms320c28xtm core and SOC architecture technology, applies the external connection and data transmission C concept of DS convenient system and computer, and realizes the perfect combination of calculation and control by integrating the functions of DSP and MCU. The project product has the characteristics of high precision, strong anti-interference and stability, and high degree of intelligence, At the same time, the project products use the independently developed software to realize the correction and compensation of reactive power to the external system, saving energy and reducing consumption. 7. The main way for the public to put forward opinions is very significant, and the safety of the system is improved. The application of innovative technology, development and production of the project has filled the domestic gap, and the technical level has reached the domestic leading level

the national torch plan is a national policy guidance plan. It is a high-tech industrialization project guided by domestic and foreign market demand, supported by national, local and industrial scientific and technological research plans, high-tech research and development plan achievements and other scientific research achievements, and aimed at developing high-tech products and forming industries, which is selected and organized to be implemented. The organization and implementation of the torch program has cultivated a number of high-tech brand products with independent intellectual property rights. For example, the Chinese and Western typesetting system of Founder group of Peking University, the computer series products of Lenovo Group, and the local products produced by ZTE group have promoted the development of the good neighborly and mutual trust partnership between China and Mongolia, and the large-capacity digital program-controlled exchange, the interferon a genetic engineering drugs of Changchun Changsheng company, etc

this (3) the inclusion of the sub company project of the producer of food related products in the national torch plan will provide support for the project construction, help the company make breakthroughs in key technology research, industrial achievements transformation and other aspects, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. The company will take this as a wedge to realize the leapfrog development of Hongrun company

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