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The industrialization project of glass fiber/polypropylene composite fiber successfully passed the acceptance

recently, the project of "glass fiber/polypropylene composite fiber industrialization of glass fiber experiments separately" undertaken by Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. successfully passed the electronic universal experimental machine organized by Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology, which is specially for colleges and universities The new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine designed by scientific research institutes was accepted by an expert group composed of Professor Li Musen of Shandong University, Professor Yue Yunlong of Jinan University, Professor Wang Qi and other relevant experts

the expert group listened carefully to the relevant reports of the project acceptance, inspected the production site, and reviewed the relevant materials. After questioning and discussion, the expert group agreed that Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. has better completed the overall objectives specified in the contract, the production technology and product quality have reached the international advanced level, the products meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and have significant economic and social benefits, It is agreed that the project passes the acceptance

this project is the first provincial major special project for the transformation of main innovative achievements of asphalt waterproof roll joint stripping performance material gb/t328.20 (2) 007 accepted in Tai'an region. The project closely follows the development trend of the global glass fiber industry, adopts one-step extrusion and compounding technology, self-developed macromolecular coupling agent and special film-forming additives, and integrates the application of fluorine-free and boron free glass formula technology, tank furnace full oxygen combustion technology, large roll wiredrawing technology, unloading and winding logistics automation technology and other new energy-saving and consumption reducing technologies to develop environment-friendly high-performance glass fiber/polypropylene composite fiber yarn, The mechanical properties of composite fiber products are improved by 1-3 times, which is superior to domestic similar products, and meets the needs of the development of wind power, automobile and other industries

the basic technology of the project comes from the National 863 plan in 2002 (2002aa334100), and is listed in the national key new product plan in 2006, the national Torch Plan in 2008, and the national independent innovation products in 2009. The project has received 13 national authorized (accepted) patents, including 3 invention patents; Participated in the formulation of 2 industry standards. The smooth implementation of the project is conducive to the qualification certification of processors. It is a valuable and effective proof to enhance the international market competitiveness of China's glass fiber industry and play a positive role in promoting the development of China's wind power, automotive and other industries

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