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SVW's industrial trial production of modified polyvinyl alcohol was successful

on July 9, SVW's polymerized train a and its corresponding alcoholysis train a/b successfully produced the qualified modified polyvinyl alcohol products that allowed the piston to fall back freely, marking that the factory has mastered another production technology of high value-added polyvinyl alcohol products

modified polyvinyl alcohol products are superior to conventional products in terms of solubility, so they are more suitable for high-level properties, defoaming properties, and the stability of subsequent reactions. They are high value-added products. Foreign enterprises have a variety of mature products in modified polyvinyl alcohol

in order to actively deal with adverse factors such as rising natural gas prices, sluggish market sales of bulk chemical products, low prices and so on, further improve the market competitiveness of polyvinyl alcohol products, and maintain the leading position of SVW brand polyvinyl alcohol in China, SVW firmly grasped the cutting-edge trend of the development of polyvinyl alcohol industry and began the research and development of modified polyvinyl alcohol products. After three years of careful research, we finally mastered this new production technology, worked out a practical pilot production plan and HSE management plan, and made a detailed demonstration from the aspects of HSE management, process operation, and the further expansion of the popularity of analysis and detection. With the full cooperation of the polyvinyl alcohol workshop, the science and Technology Department, the environmental safety department, the Research Institute, the sorting workshop for the development of digital economy and bioeconomy, as well as the 24-hour monitoring of the competent leaders and relevant technicians, the industrial trial production of modified polyvinyl alcohol has been successful

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