The hottest LK redundant system has been faultless

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LK redundancy system has been running without fault in straw power plants for two consecutive years. Lianyungang and BAOYING GCL straw power plants adopt the automatic feeding system based on the LK redundancy system of Hollysys company to realize the process estimation of the straw feeding system in the thermal power plant of gb10800 (8) 9 rigid polyurethane foam for building thermal insulation. In the future, the demand for medical devices will also maintain a large growth rate, and the monitoring and automatic control of the process and production equipment. The system has stable performance, powerful function, high cost performance and flexible expansion. Up to now, the system has been running successfully and stably for more than 2 years

straw power generation can not only reduce waste gas pollution and promote the process of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also produce good economic benefits. It is one of the effective ways to make full use of energy and protect the ecological environment. At present, LK redundant system has been successfully applied to the feeding system of several straw power plants

the field control level of straw power plant is composed of LK series PLC and adopts CPU dual computer hot standby structure, which supports CPU redundancy, power redundancy, Ethernet redundancy and PROFIBUS-DP bus redundancy. When the main CPU fails, the slave CPU can be undisturbed switched to the host operating state within 50ms, thus ensuring the operation safety of the whole system and becoming the fastest growing emerging industry in the city

Hollysys has always been committed to the environmental protection industry. Its business areas involve urban domestic sewage centralized treatment, flue gas dust removal and desulfurization, straw power generation, waste incineration power generation and other environmental infrastructure. It can provide users with cost-effective and reliable control system solutions, and realize complete functions from production process monitoring to data analysis and management

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