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LLDPE has power in balance

I. market description in January

the main plastic contract 1101 was sideways in a narrow space this month, with fewer transactions and increased positions. The trend of pvc1101 rose slightly, the turnover increased and the position increased

the monthly K-line of plastic index rose by 0.92%, and PVC rose by 1.6%. The petrochemical sector rose 0.52%. Compared with the trend of crude oil, the trend is significantly stronger than that of crude oil

Figure 1: superposition chart of plastic 1101 and crude oil continuous contract trend

figure shows the superposition chart of plastic 1101 and crude oil continuous contract trend. (picture source: Boye 2. Then check whether the serial port line 1 is connected to the computer)

figure 2:pvc1101 and crude oil continuous contract trend superposition chart

Figure 2: pvc1101 and crude oil continuous contract trend superposition chart. (picture source: Master Boyi)

II. Analysis of market causes

(I) economy and finance

the people's Bank of China will publish the financial operation data in August in the near future. According to the recent prediction results of various research institutions, the credit supply in August may fall between RMB 400 billion and RMB 500 billion, meeting the established regulatory requirements. The central bank previously announced that the amount of new loans in July was 532.8 billion yuan. From the perspective of balanced credit supply, the new RMB credit in August was about 440billion in theory. In the first and second quarters of this year, 61.6% of the 7.5 trillion yuan of credit has been granted. Assuming that the amount of credit extension at the end of the third quarter is controlled at 80%, the new RMB loans in August are about 440billion according to the rhythm of each month in the second quarter

yeyanfei, deputy director of the Statistics Department of the CBRC, said on the 31st that the CBRC would strictly implement the national macro-control policies, resolutely curb speculation and investment demand, and support the construction of affordable housing on the premise of controlling risks. Yeyanfei said at the "lecture on frontier issues of banks" on real estate market analysis and real estate loan risk control held by the China Banking Association that the real estate market and real estate loans are crucial to the national economy, the national economy and the people's livelihood, and the scientific and steady development of the banking industry

the real estate regulation policy will not be loosened and the management of inflation expectations will continue to be strengthened. This is the basic information disclosed by Zhang Ping, director of the national development and Reform Commission, in his report on the implementation of economic and social development at the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th National people's Congress yesterday. Especially for the current real estate policy that the society is most concerned about, on the basis of "actively implementing and continuing to implement" in the past, Zhang Ping stressed that the real estate control policy should be stabilized and the measures to curb the excessive rise of housing prices in some cities should be further implemented

on August 27, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the economic recovery slowed down faster than expected, and the Federal Reserve was ready to take stimulus measures to boost the economic recovery, but did not mention when and how

(II) chemical industry

the head of energy and chemicals business of the Singapore economic development board (EDB) recently said that when ExxonMobil's second ethylene cracking unit in Jurong Island is put into operation, Singapore's ethylene production capacity will be expanded from the current 4million tons/year to 6million to 8million tons/year

according to Dow Jones Shanghai on August 25, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association said on Wednesday that China's apparent demand for ethylene during the month may increase by 4.5% over the same period of last year to 3.2 million tons, compared with 15.4% in the first quarter and 15.6% in the second quarter

on August 26, business people said that after the shutdown of cracking unit this week, the market began to rush to buy spot ethylene. In Southeast Asia, the spot price of ethylene rose to $1000/ton (790 euros/ton), the highest price in three months

On August 20, the European Commission issued an official announcement saying that after review, it decided to launch an anti circumvention investigation on China's plastic bags exported to Europe. The European side believes that there is sufficient prima facie evidence to prove that Chinese enterprises export the products involved to the EU market through Xiamen xingxia Plastic Co., Ltd., which obtained a lower anti-dumping tax rate in the original trial, so as to achieve the purpose of evading the current anti-dumping measures. Therefore, it decides to investigate the products imported from the company. The European Union has imposed anti-dumping duties on the plastic bags exported from China to Europe since September, 2006. The tax rate of China is 4 8%, affecting our normal export to Europe

according to the data released by the China Bureau of statistics, the cumulative output of various plastic products in China was 25.765 million tons in June 2010, an increase of 21% year on year. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan are in the forefront, of which Guangdong is much ahead of Zhejiang (4.12 million tons) with 5.86 million tons. The growth rate of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu was about 15%, that of Shandong was 25%, and that of Henan was the fastest, reaching 53%

in general, since this year, the average monthly output of Guangdong Province has been about 1million tons. According to this level, it is just around the corner that this year will surpass last year. The average monthly output of Zhejiang, the second largest production province, is about 70 tons. Although Henan has a fast growth rate, its base is low. In the first half of the year, its output was only 1.32 million tons, slightly higher than that of Guangdong Province in one month

from the perspective of segment categories, the top 10 segment products are on the rise. In addition to "other plastic products", the output of plastic films, pipes and accessories, silk/rope, woven goods and daily-use plastic products is large. Among these four types of products, except for the film, which grows slowly by only 17%, the growth rate of other products has reached more than 20%. Among the 10 major categories of products, the slowest growth rate is plastic strips, rods and profiles, only 3%. In the first half of the year, the experimental machine manufacturers specialized in Jinan assaying produced 790000 tons. It has been listed in the catalogue of demonstration and guidance for the first batch of utilization of key new materials by the Ministry of industry and information technology (III) spot price

this month's LLDPE spot price, but we have known the nature of materials, but only less than 100 patterns have shown a steady upward trend, and the spot price is not actively following the rising futures. At present, although the peak season of agricultural film is coming, the mentality of traders in the market is generally stable, and the demand of processing enterprises is also relatively low

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