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Live broadcast! 818 concrete circle Protection Technology Summit Forum

live broadcast! 818 concrete circle Protection Technology Summit Forum held on August 13, 2020. In 2018, the national concrete output reached 2.35 billion cubic meters, and in 2019, it reached 2.4 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of about 3.46%. China's concrete consumption has ranked first in the world for more than 30 consecutive years

by 2019, the total mileage of highways in China has reached 48, and 46500 km of highways and 142600 km of expressways have been used for tensile, peeling, tearing, shrinkage and other mechanical functions of samples, ranking first in the world. By the end of 2019, the national railway operation mileage has reached more than 139000 kilometers, including 35000 kilometers of high-speed railway

201 gradually improve the operation, management and internal control of the enterprise. By the end of August, there were 851500 highway bridges in China, with a total length of 55.6859 million meters. 15117 railway tunnels have been put into operation, with a total length of 16331km; By the end of 2019, the total mileage of urban rail transit in China will reach 6600 km

by the end of 2017, 8591 sewage treatment plants had been built in China; By the end of 2018, there were 23513 enterprises in the domestic chemical industry...

behind these grand data are the volume of concrete structure engineering. However, concrete materials will have various problems in long-term use, especially the three "cancers" of cracking, leakage and deterioration, which have become the biggest hidden danger affecting their durability and service life

there is a great market prospect for one or more of these huge concrete needs in many fields (water conservancy, transportation, industrial and civil construction, municipal, military, energy, etc.), such as concrete crack resistance, repair, waterproof and impermeability, acid and corrosion resistance, salt damage prevention, carbonation resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, reinforcement and so on. Moreover, these needs may appear at the same time

in order to summarize the development status and demand of metal wire protection technology such as copper wire, aluminum wire and steel wire in the construction of concrete projects in water conservancy, transportation, industrial and civil construction, municipal administration, military, energy and other fields in China in recent years, strengthen the exchange of concrete protection technology and promote the exchange and progress of the industry, on August 18, Suzhou jiagushi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and the waterproof protection and repair professional committee of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association will jointly host the concrete protection technology summit forum and the Establishment Ceremony of the science and Technology Research Institute

the summit forum is scheduled to be held at shuiyifang hotel in Suzhou on August 18, 2020, with TV interview and online video live broadcast at the same time

with the theme of "concrete protection technology", the summit forum conducted in-depth discussions on the existing problems, protection needs, new technologies and products, solutions, etc. of concrete in water conservancy, transportation, industrial and civil construction, municipal, military, energy and other fields

water conservancy project is a project built to control and allocate natural surface water and groundwater to achieve the purpose of eliminating harm and promoting profit. Also known as water engineering. The water retaining dam body is cracked and the water pressure is very high. How to repair the cracks and how to resist the slow seepage on the back surface of the high water pressure? How to solve the problem of insufficient dam strength? What if the condensation water in the control room of the machine room does not dry all the year round

the transportation field involves roads, railways, roads and bridges. It covers the north and south of the river, across the lake, across the sea, across the mountains, and passes through different environments. How to deal with the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete in cold places? How to cure the concrete where the wind is strong and the temperature is high? It is difficult to resist chloride ion penetration in coastal roads and bridges. How to protect against corrosion when passing through saline alkali land

industrial and civil construction projects are closely related to the colouring and water resistance of life. How to repair the leakage in the family bathroom? What if the house cracks? Who should I find for leakage of concrete plant and steel structure plant? How to prevent water pollution in newly built residential buildings, factories, shopping malls and office buildings

municipal engineering refers to municipal infrastructure construction engineering. Common ones include subway, underground pipeline, tunnel, rail transit, sewage treatment, garbage disposal, etc. How to do well in waterproof construction of underground works? How to stop the leakage from the back water surface in case of leakage? How to strengthen concrete? How to repair micro cracks? How does the concrete main structure of sewage treatment tank and garbage treatment tank resist acid, alkali and salt

how to do a good job in the waterproof, moisture-proof, dew condensation and seepage resistance of military bunkers and weapons and ammunition storage warehouses? How to strengthen the concrete structure

in the construction and use of infrastructure projects using traditional energy, new energy and renewable energy, moisture and condensation prevention is a major problem. The requirements for water and seepage resistance of concrete structures are also extremely strict. How to repair cracks and improve corrosion resistance are all urgent problems in the industry

on August 18, at the concrete protection technology summit forum, zhuzuxi, Huang Jing, fuyufang, Ji Guojin, Li Huajian, Wen Baolian, an Xuehui, yaoguoyou and other senior experts, professors and scientific researchers from the industry will come to the site to talk about the pain points, current situation and solutions of concrete protection and repair in their fields and industries, and seek new technologies and products through in-depth discussion to improve the waterproof and impermeability of concrete At the same time, it solves the problems encountered in practical application in various fields

the registration channel for the concrete protection technology summit forum and the founding ceremony of the science and Technology Research Institute has been opened. You are welcome to call us or log in

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