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Here, all the fragments you see, I believe there is always one sentence that can touch the softest place in your heart. The words hidden deep in our hearts, whether family, friendship, or love, need to be spoken out bravely

all the fragments you see here, I believe there is always a sentence that can touch the softest place in your heart. The words hidden deep in our hearts, whether family, friendship, or love, need to be spoken out bravely

he knocked on my window and said he couldn't find you. In this season, he would miss you very much.

did it rain in your city today

does anyone hold an umbrella for you

did anyone take you home

don't get wet alone, OK

in Ode to joy,

Xie Tong handed Guan Ju'er the umbrella without a word,

it was just a look. Guan Ju'er took the umbrella,

and their love sprouted like this

and what about us

Sege series

95 broken bridge sliding window & Door

product introduction:

1. Wall thickness of main profile: 1.4mm, size of fan material: 75*34.5mm, structural design of four group corner pieces

2. Develop two kinds of outer frames: two rails (95mm) and three rails with steel yarn (142.5mm)

3. It can be used as a window or a door for sharing; Design horizontal and high rails (with drainage function)

4. Insulating glass specification (window): 5+12a+5; (door): 4+12a+4

5. Profiles run through 8 color systems, with a variety of options such as spray paint color, wood grain color and fluorocarbon color

6. Push pull lower wheel standard configuration, flat rail: 15*24 high, high rail: 15*17 high, with two and four adjustable lower wheels

7. Maximum size of single window (width * height): 900mm*1600mm; Maximum size of single door (width * height): 1050mm*2400mm

8. The streamline window sleeve line of special window series is 75mm wide

product features:

1. The mainstream design in the home decoration market with a new appearance is simple and generous

2. The profile notch is standard 12a hollow, which can be freely matched with all kinds of exquisite craft glass and lattice bar styles

3. Design a variety of track styles: two track flat rail/high rail, three track flat rail/high rail, which can meet the needs of sliding windows and sliding doors. Most profiles are shared, saving inventory and mold opening costs. Profiles wear rubber strip structure, which can meet the market demand of internal and external colors, and can be used with broken bridge casement windows, which greatly enhances the competitiveness

4. New anti derailment and anti-theft function design, safe and reliable; Standard equipped with large U-shaped stainless steel track, push-pull silent and smooth

5. The window sash is equipped with a new and unique arch anti-collision glue, which is connected with the anti falling block, making it safer and quieter

6. The high rail is connected with the end face of the outer frame, with a special soft rubber pad waterproof design, and the high rail track can be opened with drainage holes, with excellent drainage performance

7. The series of special window cover lines are 75mm wide, with micro inclined design, and good three-dimensional appearance

8. The fixed part is treated by double-sided pressing of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) tape, which overcomes the problem of difficult gluing and is easy to install




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