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Nowadays, for the decoration of bathroom and bathroom, how to reflect its comfort and safety has become a focus of decoration. Reporters in the home decoration industry learned that the decoration of bathroom involves many details in home decoration. If not handled well, it will not only directly affect the quality of home life in the future, but also affect the mood. The following points should be paid attention to in the decoration of the bathroom:

1 ceiling: because the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, we should choose those materials with the characteristics of waterproof, corrosion prevention and rust prevention

2 ground: be sure to be waterproof before laying floor tiles; After the tiles are laid, ensure that the tile surface has a drainage slope (generally about 1%), and the slope faces the floor drain; After laying ceramic tiles on the ground, the closed water test must be carried out for at least 24 hours; Pay attention to the joint and alignment with the wall tiles when laying the floor tiles, so as to ensure the overall feeling of the whole bathroom, so as to avoid creating a messy impression visually

everyone has a different understanding of home. How can we use limited funds to decorate the most perfect home? In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the decoration cost. Therefore, before decoration, we must plan well. Only good planning can reduce the cost. Here, life home editor specially integrates the warmest home decoration information for you this winter, so that you can dress up as the most beautiful love home

the first is the choice of towel rack. Don't buy a towel rack with two poles. You may think it looks good when you buy it, and you can hang two more towels, but that's not the case in practice. Towels for different purposes can't be hung together, that is to say, two towels are hung on one towel rack, and the extra one is unnecessary, but it's still practical

glass shelves should be of good quality

glass shelves for cosmetics in the bathroom should be of good quality. The author once took a bath, and the shower gel was a little heavy. When it was placed on the glass, the quality of the glass clip was poor. If it was loose, the glass would fall down

the cabinet in the bathroom can be customized at the kitchen company, but it should be made with metal feet suspended below, otherwise it will be difficult to repair the leakage in the future, and it is convenient to clean it at ordinary times. The toilet must be waterproof, including the ground and walls. The size of washbasin and faucet should be matched




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