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The supporting products of home life are always closely related to life experience and quality of life

therefore, Sanfeng home continues to strengthen the strict selection of large home supporting products, facilities and soft decorations, hoping to let users feel the brand's new concept of free life and life attitude through a more direct and close experience scene

recently, through the strict selection mode of the big home platform, Sanfeng home signed a contract with Korean Jushan kitchen sink, hoping to provide more reasonable and convenient home solutions for more families, help everyone who loves and cares for their family, and easily solve the headache of housework

strictly select high-quality supporting products to create a comfortable experience

kitchen sink products under Korean Jushan group all use Pohang "elastic" stainless steel imported from Korea, which is made into one by cold pressing, so that the service life of the sink is longer; The unique large single slot, no dead angle streamline design makes the oil pollution cleaning problem in the kitchen easier and easier

at the same time, in line with practical lifestyle, Jushan sink chooses the way of direct drainage, which can effectively avoid the blockage of sundries and garbage while fully reducing the "chicken rib" space of the cabinet; The nano silver ion anticorrosive Tilla blue and the new water seal concept odor proof cover make the sink realize the perfect compatibility of product quality and convenience

its sanitary products use imported ceramic materials with new high temperature resistance and light body, which are colorfast and deformation free; In the use of more isolation, anti scalding, safety and environmental protection at the same time, it has a perfect streamline design

at the same time, the concise and ingenious spatial scheme and humanized innovative storage design also meet the multiple bathroom use needs, and are widely favored by consumers

Korean Jushan group is committed to bringing South Korea's advanced kitchen and bathroom technology and high-end products to people in the world who pursue excellent quality and a better life. This coincides with the concept of Sanfeng home to create a comfortable and beautiful life for customers, and it is also the preferred high-quality brand in the strict selection mode of Sanfeng home platform

reasonable home solutions to achieve a free life

in the selection of supporting products for building a large home platform, Sanfeng home only selects brands with scale, popularity and high-quality products, which is the basic goal of strict selection and cooperation of Sanfeng home

only by creating a more comfortable and comfortable life for customers, can we jointly interpret a more intelligent and reasonable space scheme, and make the fashionable home space more compatible with practical and high-quality supporting products

Mr. Zhang Lianzhuang, President of Sanfeng home furnishing group (left)

and Mr. Cui Zhenhe, general manager of Jushan group in China (right)

every step forward of Sanfeng home furnishing group is based on the most comfortable experience of users, and constantly create a comfortable and comfortable life for families

in the future, Sanfeng home will continue to make every effort to strictly select high-quality supporting home products for the majority of users, so that Sanfeng home can walk on the road of big home strategy with a more stable development attitude, and create a happy life feeling of "living naturally and feeling at ease" for tens of millions of families

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