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Gas stoves are the most important kitchen utensils in our kitchen. Basically, gas stoves are used in cooking delicious dishes at home. However, just at the mouth of the meal, the gas stove lost its temper, and many people's first reaction was to be at a loss. So what if the gas stove won't catch fire? Below, Cohen Xiaobian introduces several solutions, hoping to add icing on the cake to your home life

1. Is there a gas source

generally, people will have a deep understanding of this, but some people may be sloppy, or busy with work, and often forget, so when they encounter a gas stove that can't start, they should first check whether there is a gas source. Solution: if there is no gas source for the gas stove, add gas source

2. Whether the battery has electricity

this is the most easily encountered problem at ordinary times, and it is also a problem that people generally pay more attention to. When it is found that there is no fire, it is necessary to check whether the battery has electricity. Solution: if the gas stove battery is not or used up, just replace the ordinary No. 1 battery

3. Poor circuit contact

this is a problem that is easy to ignore, but it is often encountered in many old users, mainly to check whether the positive and negative electrodes of the battery box are rusted and whether the circuit is in poor contact. Solution: if the circuit of the gas stove is in bad contact, remove the rust and connect the circuit accurately

4. Overpressure protection

many gas stoves have overpressure protection function. Once overpressure occurs, they will not start. Solution: if the gas stove is protected against overpressure, try changing a pressure reducing valve at this time

5. Pipeline blockage

this is a very common problem. Once the pipeline is blocked, it is necessary to check the outlet valve. Generally speaking, if you can smell gas and the gas stove can't catch fire, it is likely to be gas blockage. Solution: if the gas stove pipe is blocked, dredge the pipe or replace it

6. The microswitch is damaged

at this time, there is a very small place in the gas stove, but it is more difficult to repair than ordinary faults. Generally speaking, the owner is not recommended to repair it by himself. Solution: the micro switch of the gas stove is damaged. This is a fine professional job. It's best to ask a professional to solve it

7. The ignition needle is dirty

the kitchen is a very easy place to get dirty, especially easy to be contaminated with oil. If the gas stove is placed for too long, the ignition needle is easy to be contaminated with oil Solution: at this time, you need to clean the oil dirt of the ignition needle, and then try to ignite

8. The position of the ignition needle is improper

the position of the ignition needle of the gas stove is improper. If you want to start a fire, the gas stove has certain requirements for the distance between the ignition needle and the fire cover. Once the distance deviates too much, the gas stove will not start a fire. Solution: Generally speaking, the distance between the ignition pin and the fire cover is 4-6mm, and it should be aligned with the fire hole

9. The gas stove has a high-voltage line and its connector

the gas stove has a high-voltage line and its connector. Once the high-voltage line is aged, it is easy to make the gas stove not ignite. Solution: at this time, you only need to add a set of high-voltage protection, which should be observed more in daily life

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