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On December 5, meinimei was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home furnishing industry annual meeting. The reporter from home hotline and China wardrobe made an exclusive interview with gou Wang, executive deputy general manager of Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd

on December 5, 2015, meinimei was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home industry annual conference. Home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" made an exclusive interview with gou Wang, executive deputy general manager of Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd., with the theme of "customize 100, set the way"

interview guest: Gou Wang, executive deputy general manager of Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd.

Gou Wang, executive deputy general manager of Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. accepted an exclusive interview with the home hotline reporter

Home hotline: Hello, general manager Gou! What is your biggest feeling after listening to the top 100 brand development report

Gou Wang: for me, the annual meeting is a day for everyone in our industry to get together. We must be old friends who have been fighting in the industry for more than ten years. Let's get together. I think it's a slogan to customize 100, because in the future, although the cake in this industry will become larger and larger, enterprises will definitely face a process of reshuffle and integration on the level of competition. We should share resources, first establish some benchmark enterprises, and then drive the whole industry to become bigger and stronger; At the same time, we can integrate the bad atmosphere of the industry and the products that are shoddy and non eco-friendly

home hotline: at the 2015 China customized home industry annual meeting, the first "general technical standard for (whole house) customized home" was born. What do you think is the significance of formulating technical standards

Gou Wang: I think it has two meanings: first, we can standardize some settings, which is more in line with ergonomic principles and more convenient to use, so that everyone can find the fun of home design; Second, for those enterprises that want to expand their scale, there is a reference standard, which is convenient for enterprises to avoid detours in the process of industrial upgrading. Because industries express their own opinions. Without a common standard, they cannot form a core combat effectiveness. The standard was born. At least everyone's ideas and references are consistent, which can form a strong combat effectiveness

home hotline: in addition to releasing reports and formulating standards, this annual meeting also has a mission, which is to open a new era of "Internet + home ecosystem". How do you think the customization industry should go in terms of "Internet +?"

Gou Wang: at the beginning of its establishment, customized home itself followed the line of health and environmental protection, taking into account the consumption habits and needs of all consumers. With the current online publicity and promotion of Internet + leading to offline transactions, as well as the increasing exposure and supervision of brands in the future, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy products will certainly face the direct experience of consumers. The Internet makes these things more transparent and smooth, and brings consumers closer and closer to brands. This is a very good measure and a general trend. You can try how to make good use of this tool. As for how to do it, each enterprise has different practices. The key points are: first, we cannot ignore the impact of the Internet on consumers; Second, the treatment of the home ecosystem is a very obvious trend in the future. This trend is necessary in terms of the national 13th five year plan, the development of each enterprise and even each area, which is worth thinking about in the home industry as a whole

home hotline: this year, the smart home special committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce was established. It can be seen that smart home is a trend of future development. Has your company considered making an innovation in this regard

Gou Wang: the concept of smart home has been developed a few years ago. Previously, from decoration to product intelligence, to now the whole customized intelligence is a direction to promote the whole product. For China's huge production capacity system, it needs a process of exploration. We don't mean that all products should be intelligent this year and next year, but it can be gradually improved. I think this is a process of preparation and gradual improvement. We can also do some intelligent things on product details or single products. I think this is a good idea

home hotline: in 2015, China's customized wardrobe industry was known as "a market of 100 billion", so how did your company achieve in this year? What is the plan to attack the market in 2016

Gou Wang: we have two themes: the first is growth. In the past two years, we are a process of accumulation and growth; The second is success. Our current phased tasks have reached a standard; The third is achievement. We need to be a well-known and respected enterprise and brand, which may not be huge in size, but our things are worth learning and learning from

in 2015, we have achieved the expected goal. There were surprises in this year. Everyone was quite satisfied and achieved good results. I hope we can create miracles in 2016. You can pay attention to some data of meinimei





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