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Nowadays, not far from the Spring Festival holiday, many owners want to carry out decoration projects before the festival, resulting in a shortage of workers before the festival. Insiders remind consumers that before signing a contract with a home decoration company, it is best to understand whether the home decoration company has a fixed decoration team to avoid the project being subcontracted. After the confirmation, the contract can be signed to ensure the completion of the project with high quality. ◆ there are many subcontracting phenomena of small companies. The flooring materials of the living room and other rooms are very different, the colors are different, and the walls are uneven &hellip& hellip; Mr. Yang, who had just finished the decoration, was disappointed when he saw his new house. Due to his busy work, Mr. Yang, introduced by an acquaintance, found a decoration company, which has other construction sites in the community, so he confidently handed over the project to the company. Mr. Yang told reporters that the person in charge of the decoration company was very straightforward at that time, and the management fee was reduced by 5000 yuan. After completing the hydropower project, Mr. Yang found that the materials used in the hydropower project quoted by his neighbors were much better in quality. Because it was introduced by an acquaintance, Mr. Yang didn't say much, and he didn't expect the final effect to be unsatisfactory. Due to many quality problems, Mr. Yang found the company that undertook the decoration at the beginning, but the company directly asked the foreman for the reason that there were problems, and pushed the maintenance task to the construction team in charge at that time. Later, Mr. Yang learned that his home decoration project had been subcontracted. It is understood that subcontracting is very common in small and medium-sized home decoration companies. Yanxiaobo, general manager of Jixiang Decoration Design Co., Ltd., told reporters that now many decoration teams have registered as a decoration Department and accept subcontracting business from some small companies as self-employed operators. Especially in the case of a shortage of home improvement workers before the holiday, many home improvement companies in the market will also choose to subcontract part of the project to small engineering teams or home improvement guerrillas in order to catch up with the progress. Generally, after receiving the decoration project, the home decoration company will directly draw a certain amount of management fees, and then subcontract the project to the foreman, and the remaining decoration costs will be arranged by the foreman. Due to the loose management of foremen and workers and lax quality control, quality problems after subcontracting are common. ◆ why do you have your own home decoration company and subcontract the project? Insiders revealed that the home decoration companies that implement subcontracting are generally small companies, trying to make profits in the process of home decoration construction. This industry insider revealed the general situation of subcontracting home decoration companies. Small companies are in personnel management and operation ‘ Extremely simple ’, After the project is subcontracted, the construction team is responsible for the construction process and quality, which reduces the quality inspection and inspection personnel necessary for the quality control of decoration, and reduces a lot of personnel costs. In addition, after the small company subcontracted the project, the decoration return visit and after-sales maintenance and other links were also omitted, which greatly reduced the labor cost. When subcontracting a single project, the company can draw about 25% of the Commission profit. This makes many small companies keen to start subcontracting. However, the actual situation is that for owners, subcontracting results in the same price, but the decoration quality at the same price cannot be obtained. It is understood that after the small company draws a commission and subcontracts it to the construction team, the foreman will take about 10% of the project funds as profits from the remaining funds, and the remaining costs will be amortized into material costs, labor costs, etc. It can be seen that the labor cost and material cost really used for the decoration project itself are much less than the original, and the quality is difficult to be effectively guaranteed





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