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Liuzhou Construction machinery has achieved leapfrog development

from scratch, from having to being excellent, from point to group

Liuzhou Construction machinery has achieved leapfrog development

- xieyonghui of Guangxi has been a modern enterprise with high-efficiency automated production workshops since 1958 from a simple workshop with low production capacity; From "made in Liuzhou", the first wheel loader in China, to Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. ranking the 20th in the list of top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry in 2018 with an operating income of RMB 21.815 billion... Liuzhou has grown from scratch, from existing to excellent, from point to group on the road of construction machinery, and represents Guangxi to go abroad and make a difference in the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

In 1958, in order to support the national economic construction, Shanghai East China Iron and steel construction machinery factory transferred a group of personnel and equipment to Liuzhou to lay the foundation of today's Liugong in the wasteland on the West Bank of Liujiang River. They worked hard as pioneers and created many "zero breakthroughs": in 1966, China's first wheel loader z435 was born in Liugong; In 1971, China's first articulated loader z450 was successfully developed in Liugong; In 1993, Liugong was listed, becoming the first listed company in the national construction machinery industry and Guangxi; In 2009, Liugong India Co., Ltd. was established with a certain deviation, becoming the first Chinese brand in the national construction machinery industry to establish an overseas R & D and manufacturing base

at the end of March 2002, Liugong proposed to complete the production task of 899 complete machines in April. Previously, the monthly production of Liugong was less than 300 sets. As a result, all employees launched a vigorous "899" production capacity improvement war

at the end of April, 2002, 899 loaders of Liugong were successfully rolled off the production line, which not only created a miracle in China's engineering industry, but also established Liugong's leading position in the industry. "899 spirit" became the "soul" of Liugong people. Supported by this never giving up belief, a brand-new loader drives off the production line every 15 minutes in the general assembly workshop of Liugong assembly plant

at present, there are more than 300 machinery manufacturing enterprises in Liuzhou. As a leader, Liugong has gone abroad and established 10 overseas subsidiaries, 6 parts centers, 8 training centers and 178 international distributors in countries along the "the Belt and Road", creating a new overseas pattern of "made in Liuzhou" construction machinery

b landing in the polar regions and conquering extreme conditions in 2008, Yan Wei, a technical service expert of Liugong, became a member of China's 25th Antarctic scientific research team. In October of the same year, he went to Zhongshan Station in Antarctica with the polar scientific research ship "Snow Dragon", becoming Liu Gong's first person to go to Antarctica

Yan Wei is mainly responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of machinery and vehicles in the scientific research station. During the 17 months of working in the Antarctic, Yan Wei ensured the normal use of all the equipment in the scientific research station, and even the three motorcycles that could not be used were repaired by him. In june2010, Yan Wei also participated in the Arctic scientific research. In view of the first-hand information on equipment performance in extreme environments provided by him, liugongzhan is currently conducting in-depth cooperation with China Polar Research Center to carry out targeted research on excavators and loaders used in extremely cold places

since 2011, Liugong has sent technical experts to participate in Antarctic scientific research every year. At present, there are 14 people. According to the requirements of China Polar Research Center, after continuous research and development, Liugong machinery landed at Zhongshan Station in Antarctica for the first time on January 1, 2014. Since then, Liugong machinery has successively boarded the south pole, and Liugong loaders and excavators have also been selected for the new scientific research stations being built in China

2018 July, tetxing speed: 0.001~500mm/min September, China Polar Research Center and Liugong reached a strategic cooperation and established a China polar scientific research engineering machinery practice room in Liugong, which became the only engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise in China with this laboratory. Through continuous research, development and testing, Liugong machinery can still operate normally under the extremely cold condition of minus 45 ℃

in addition, as early as 2000, Liugong launched the world's first plateau loader, participated in the construction of Qinghai Tibet railway, and later became the main force of plateau infrastructure. Liugong and Liugong machinery started the slogan of "extreme working conditions, strong equipment" with action

c Qianli remote control, rapidly moving towards intelligence

in July this year, the intelligent remote control loader developed by Liugong was unveiled at the first China (Liuzhou) International Intelligent Industry Expo in 2019

at the China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery Exhibition in early September, Liugong successfully released the 5g network based remote control intelligent shovel loader, which realized the ultra far visual distance remote control 2000 kilometers away, becoming the first enterprise in China to master a full set of 5g long-range excavation control technology from mechanical equipment, control system to communication integration

"we have been intelligent since 2001. Our research and development direction is remote control and automatic shovel loading." Caidengsheng, deputy chief engineer of Liugong and intelligent technology director of the General Research Institute, introduced that the resistance of the loader to shovel and lift materials will become larger and larger, while the remote operation cannot obtain a fine feeling, so we must rely on intelligent technology to know the resistance of materials. Information transmission will cause a certain delay for remote operation, but it can be ignored in the 5g environment of "high reliability and low delay", which solves a major bottleneck of remote intelligent remote control

it is reported that the air should be removed in time. Intelligent operation simplifies the action, and complex actions can be automatically completed by pressing a button. In the future, the machine operation will be unmanned, and the repetitive work will be completed by the machine, which will greatly save manpower

at the BMW show in Germany in 2019, Zeng Guang'an, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Liugong group, said: "on the new journey of 'Second Entrepreneurship', Liugong does not seek to play fast chess, but to play good chess, with the goal of comprehensive internationalization, comprehensive solutions and comprehensive intelligence."

now, Liugong's intelligent technology research and development is being fully promoted, and the first generation of pure electric construction machinery and equipment has also appeared

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