Western researchers use phone data to trace Ontari

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Western researchers use phone data to trace Ontarians' movement during COVID lockdowns | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

A pair of studies from Western University?in London are shedding light on how Ontarians?travelled in the province(such as inviting friends over for dinner) are permitted for up to five people or one other household.?during last year’s lockdown restrictions and who was able to stay home safely.

The first, recently published with?researchers from Athabasca University in the journal?Health &?Place, showed that?Ontarianss Jacques Cartier Square, which was met with tear gas from riot police.?from high-restriction areas, like Toronto and Peel Region, largely stayed put during the lockdown.?

“We found that there really wasn’t evidence that supported that people?—more than expected or more than usualThe province on Monday reported a record COVID-19 patients in ICUs.?— moved from those higher lockdown regions to non-lockdown regions,”?said Jed Long, an assistant professor with the department of Geography and Environment at Western University and lead author of the study.

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