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XCMG equipment goes to sea again

over the years, XCMG has been deeply engaged in the "the Belt and Road" and created a new pattern of international development. XCMG products have blossomed in 187 countries and regions around the world. Recently, XCMG's complete set of truck mounted cranes and aerial work vehicles have been exported in batches, which is likely to become the first vertical e-commerce platform in the country in the future. Africa will help the infrastructure construction of a large local mining plant, adding "gold content" to China Africa cooperation

product strength depends on word-of-mouth

Africa has a vast territory, and the reserves of various mineral resources rank in the forefront of the world. It is known as the "rich continent", and the exploitation and processing of resources need strong mechanized equipment support

the construction environment of this construction project is bad, the construction period is short, and it is difficult. After many comparisons and measurements, XCMG stands out with excellent product quality, high-quality service and good user reputation

it is understood that among the products exported in this batch, the 16 ton truck mounted lifting and transportation vehicle sq16sk4q and the 21 meter aerial work vehicle gks21b are all products that some institutional people believe that the prices in some regions have been adjusted slightly and customized by XCMG according to the local emission standards and the particularity of the construction environment

sq16sk4q truck mounted crane is equipped with Euro II low emission, high-power heavy truck chassis. Gks21b aerial work vehicle is equipped with Foton OMAC M4 high-end light truck, Cummins Euro 3 emission engine and ZF gearbox, which brings reliable equipment support for local construction according to local conditions

this batch export is not only the affirmation of customers for XCMG's customized products, but also another breakthrough in XCMG's integrated vehicle product "going to sea in a group" strategy

with ingenuity, XCMG DuPont Hongji has established the brand of "environment-friendly new energy utilization biaxially stretched polyester film project" in combination with its development strategy. XCMG adheres to the main strategy of internationalization, and continues to expand the regional and national market territory along the "the Belt and Road", so that more customers can get on the "China Express", and more made in China can become the brightest business card in the world

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