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XCMG finance company takes the lead in realizing the digital management of archives in the province, which requires the selection of appropriate quality pendulum

XCMG finance company takes the lead in realizing the digital management of archives in the province

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recently, with the full promotion of XCMG finance company and the strong assistance of information company, XCMG finance company's digital archives management system was successfully launched, It has become one of the first non bank financial institutions to realize the informatization of file management in the province, and it is also the first unit in the group and member units to use the digital file management system

in view of the fact that XCMG finance company has rapidly accumulated a wide variety and an amazing number of archives since its establishment, in order to effectively strengthen the standardization and standardization of archives management, comprehensively improve the efficiency and accuracy of archives management, and reduce risks, the company actively plans, boldly innovates, conscientiously implements the group's informatization strategy, and proposes to use information technology to solve problems and promote the informatization construction of archives management. Since the research work in August, after months of efforts, the digital archives management system has been successfully launched. At present, the company has basically completed the electronic information entry of accounting vouchers, business contracts, administrative documents, risk audit and other files

the file management system has cultivated new growth points for the company, fundamentally changed the traditional manual file management mode, and made up for the defects of traditional files in grading review, security, timeliness, accuracy, etc. 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track are excessively dusty and rusted, which improves the file management level and operation efficiency, reduces the management cost, and fully liberates employees from a large number of repeated and inefficient operations, achieving twice the result with half the effort

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