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Fire prevention measures for safe construction

1. It is strictly forbidden for construction staff to bring fire up the mountain. Blow molding machines are widely used in various industries. Smoking and open flames are not allowed at the construction site

2. The construction site should be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, and a special person should be designated to protect, handle, and update on schedule, including this kind of false prosperity. 1. On the one hand, the number of people who create wealth will be greatly reduced, managed and utilized

3. Welders must work with certificates. For welding and cutting work within the scope of level 1, 2 and 3 hot work, hot work approval procedures must be completed

4. If there are inflammables and explosives around the welding and cutting parts, it is not allowed to carry out welding and cutting without cleaning or adopting effective safety measures

5. The distance between welding and cutting points and dangerous goods such as oxygen cylinders, calcium carbide barrels and one-way acetylene generators shall not be less than 10m, and the distance between welding and cutting points and inflammable and explosive goods shall not be less than 30m. If the above requirements are not met, the fire approval system shall be implemented, and effective Enron isolation methods shall be adopted

6. The storage interval between acetylene generator and oxygen cylinder shall not be less than 2m, and the interval between them shall not be less than 5m when used

7. Generator power generation is adopted at the construction site, which is particularly suitable for testing instruments used in production lines and laboratories to control product quality. Steel pipes must be used for protection and external protection; The oil is guarded by specially assigned personnel

8. When using electricity at the construction site, we should strictly comply with the regulations of the Municipal Construction Commission on the safe handling of electricity at the construction site, strengthen the handling of power supply, and prevent electrical fire alarm. 1) automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of indication accuracy

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