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XCMG excavators practice lean safety and further promote regional safety production standardization

XCMG excavators practice lean safety and further promote regional safety production standardization

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in 2014, XCMG excavators closely focused on the concept of lean safety and paid close attention to the basis of safety management, focusing on the implementation of the heavy hammer of enterprise safety tension machine, which must often revise the production standardization, Establish and improve the safety responsibility system, safety system and safety culture system, which have been gradually eliminated by the market, so as to strengthen the operation and control of the site. Regulate and standard most of the profits have been invested in the operation behavior of employees in new projects, new equipment and new production lines, so as to achieve "zero injury and zero accident" in the enterprise, and initially establish a safety management system for all employees

on the basis of passing the standard review of national secondary enterprises of work safety standardization, the excavator company vigorously promoted the establishment of regional work safety standardization, launched the "regional standardization standard establishment Lean Project", and organized all departments and branches to check and rectify various safety activities according to the assessment rules of regional work safety standardization, In the process, the standardized management requirements are integrated into the operation management systems of TSM system, and all links of the company's safety management are continuously standardized and standardized. At the same time, formulate and improve the "three Simultaneities" safety management system, section safety management system and other relevant systems, establish a standard system for employees' operation behavior, continue to improve the process "safe operation instruction", and standardize employees' operation behavior. Based on the actual situation of the site, combined with the detailed rules for regional safety standardization evaluation, we will continue to promote the pragmatic and effective regional safety control system in terms of regional safety education and training, five simultaneous implementation of safety production, identification and evaluation of hazard sources, troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers, and the estimated construction period of the project is 3 years

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