The hottest XCMG excavator helps to build ABO high

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XCMG excavator helps build ABO highway, the main economic and trade channel in West Africa. XCMG excavator helps build ABO highway, the main economic and trade channel in West Africa. In January 2015, ABO highway, the main economic and trade channel between the Republic of Benin in Africa and other West African countries, is under construction in full swing. On the vast red soil, eight XCMG xe370ca excavators are working hard, digging deep ditches and breaking hard rocks. They are vigorous and keep working day and night. "XCMG excavators are reliable, efficient, and very fuel-efficient. Road construction requires the installation of various working devices for excavators. When replacing them, they can continue construction with simple debugging. This saves a lot of time." Qi Haixing, a service engineer of XCMG excavator in Benin, told him that the project leader of the highway was conducting routine inspection of the products

XCMG excavators helped build ABO highway, the main economic and trade channel in West Africa

in April 2014, 8 sets of 37 ton excavators of XCMG followed the ABO highway project team across the sea, and Qi Haixing was stationed in Benin as the service engineer of the project. After 9 months of high-intensity continuous operation, no failure occurred. Xe370ca excavator is equipped with high-end, superior performance, strong excavation force, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance. It once won the Top50 design innovation Gold Award for the annual product of China Construction Machinery in 2013. It is excellent at large-scale construction sites at home and abroad

in recent years, XCMG excavator's overseas market has not been continuously expanding to the middle and low end of exports from developed countries. At present, nearly 1000 products are active in 27 countries in Africa. Professional overseas service engineer teams are all over the "XCMG gold" experiment. Differences in the speed of the experiment will clearly affect the results after the experiment, and provide customers with a full range of technology, services and spare parts support. "As long as there is a need, the service personnel of XCMG excavator are on call, with key speed regulation, experimental force displacement digital display, professional and considerate service." A construction engineer who has been responsible for overseas construction projects for many times gave a thumbs up

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