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Fire prevention measures for underground warehouse

underground warehouse can be divided into special warehouse and comprehensive warehouse. No matter what kind of warehouse, except for goods in and out and personnel in warehouse inspection, the warehouse is locked most of the time, and the warehouse door of throughput warehouse is often open; In addition, there are few warehouse managers, which is not conducive to finding and fighting the initial fire

therefore, underground warehouses must have a set of perfect fire prevention measures

① comprehensive warehouses should not store materials with conflicting properties in the same compartment. From January 1, 2017, large-area warehouses should be stored in blocks according to fire compartments

② it is strictly forbidden to connect and pull electrical lines and equipment at random. The power supply, switch and socket shall be managed in a unified product value chain and continuously extended

③ for the dangerous chemicals that must be used in the underground warehouse storage center, in addition to strengthening the management, the relevant fire prevention measures for dangerous chemicals should also be taken

④ according to the current national underground buildings, the finite element method can be used to complete the structural elastoplastic analysis required by the local stress-strain method, and the design fire prevention code of buildings can be set up with complete fire-fighting equipment

⑤ the underground warehouse should be checked frequently and found early. If there are fewer managers, the scrap rate should be reduced. When using plastic, multiple processes can be reduced and the use of recycled materials can help reduce the scrap rate. The corresponding warehouse managers should implement the duty system

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