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XCMG excavators carry out "warm winter" activities with double line linkage

XCMG excavation response experiment - heat release, smoke generation and mass loss rate Part 1 heat release rate (cone calorimeter method) iso5660 ⑴: 2002 excavators carry out "warm winter" activities with double line linkage

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Guide: the cold winter of 2012 has arrived, following the spring of users, a cool summer After the successful conclusion of the autumn wind service care activity, XCMG excavator successfully launched the winter warm activity. This activity pushed through the old and brought forth the new, broke the single inherent service mode, and launched the double line linkage service activity for the first time in the industry Energy conservation and environmental protection

the cold winter of 2012 has arrived. Following the successful conclusion of the service care activities of "spring of users", "cool summer" and "cool autumn wind", XCMG excavator successfully launched the "warm winter" activity. This activity pushed through the old and brought forth the new, broke the single inherent service mode, and launched the "double line linkage" service activity mode in the industry. On line, XCMG excavator relies on the powerful 400 network coverage function of XCMG group, connects warmly with customers, agent managers and service sling personnel across the country, and sends professional winter operation and maintenance SMS for friendly tips; Offline, service personnel carry out spot inspection and maintenance of customer equipment through on-site visits to customers and machine operators. Ensure that customers' machines are professionally maintained in winter, and reduce unnecessary losses caused by customers' inadequate winter maintenance operations

"the cold winter has come, don't be impatient for the excavator operation; pay attention to the start-up of the operation, and don't forget to warm up the machine first; turn the key to idle speed, and pay close attention to the instrument; the water temperature reaches 35 degrees, and the oil temperature closely follows 50 degrees; the warm-up steps are well prepared; don't rush the operation. Listen to me, it's important to start the machine test, and turn the machine at a low speed to a stable test at a medium high speed..." sentence by sentence, the maintenance SMS condensed the collective wisdom of XCMG excavator service workers, At the same time, it is full of love for customers. The concise key points, easy to understand sentences, and with its fast promotion rate, once connected, it has received the praise of the majority of front-line customers

Mr. Wei, a customer in Xinjiang, arrived at the office nearest to XCMG excavator at the first time after receiving the prompt message of XCMG excavator and asked about the relevant knowledge of machine maintenance in winter. According to the service personnel, Mr. Wang didn't pay attention to the maintenance of using and stopping the machine in winter in the past, but when the construction began in spring, there were some problems of machine performance degradation due to the lack of professional winter maintenance, resulting in certain economic losses. In this activity, Mr. Wei systematically learned the professional maintenance knowledge of using machines in winter and stopping work, coupled with the one-to-one explanation of the service personnel, Mr. Wei felt greatly benefited. He excitedly held the hands of Wang Hao, the service engineer: "XCMG excavator is a good activity. It's too helpful for our winter machines to spend the winter, and it's too considerate! I'll mention a excavator after the spring, and I'll buy XCMG's at that time"

at present, dozens of agents across the country have carried out "warm winter" activities, and a total of 11082 customers have made family connections with the machine hands, sending warm tips and XCMG excavators' most heartfelt holiday greetings to customers

the work on line 5 is in full swing, and the offline visit activities are also wonderful. The service personnel publicize the activities through field visits, and at the same time, they have carried out practical and effective on-site teaching to customers about winter maintenance operations and the prevention and treatment of common faults in winter, so as to add another guarantee for customers who use machines and shut down in winter and ensure that customers have no worries about the future

XCMG's "warm winter" activity, which lasts for 100 days, will always pay attention to the needs of users in winter, and make this winter no longer "cold" with multi-directional, multi angle and diversified service methods, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine

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