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XCMG excavators organize observation and experience activities of complete construction equipment

XCMG excavators organize observation and experience activities of complete construction equipment

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climb on the tens of meters high sightseeing platform, overlooking the coal mine operation face with 12 platforms for mining and stripping, and hundreds of complete sets of large tonnage mining construction equipment of XCMG are busy with tacit cooperation, The spectacular scene that may produce deflection shocked the on-site observers. On July 14, XCMG excavator organized the observation and experience activity of the complete set of construction equipment of the "big country heavy metal mine line". More than 100 persons in charge of agents and customers all over the country came to the mine construction site to experience the on-site construction of XCMG's large complete set of mining equipment from a zero distance

hundreds of identical large tonnage complete sets of mine construction equipment of XCMG are working together tacitly.

the construction director introduced the operation of the mine and XCMG equipment in detail, and fully affirmed the performance of XCMG products: "the product quality is excellent, which fully meets the high-intensity requirements of continuous operation all day, the construction efficiency is high, and the service is timely and thoughtful, which is very reassuring!"

XCMG excavator follows the product R & D strategy of "three high and one large" proposed by Chairman Wang Min, seizes the opportunity of localization and replacement of large-scale mine construction equipment, actively develops and improves the reliability of large tonnage products, explores a new "deep marketing" mode combining sales and construction, and vigorously enters the large-scale mining machinery market monopolized by foreign brands. We will customize an economical, efficient and fast construction scheme for customers, send service engineers on site, and establish a warehouse with spots, wrinkles, bubbles, adherents and other parts to provide 24-hour "zero distance" service guarantee. This activity has greatly boosted the confidence and determination of all agents to go against the trend and strive to expand the market. Agents have said that they will give full play to their own strengths, adjust measures to local conditions, innovate marketing models, and fight a tough battle in the market

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