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Recently, with excellent product performance and good brand reputation, XCMG excavator successfully won the bid for the assistance project of China Township Enterprises Co., Ltd. in Iraq, and three XCMG xe235 excavators are about to go to Iraq to help its reconstruction work

years of war have devastated Iraq. In order to ensure that the aid project equipment can be used in the best condition in Iraq, the key components of the winning excavator have been strengthened and improved on the basis of the original configuration of the product, with low fuel consumption and stronger power; Imported high-end hydraulic parts are adopted, which greatly improves the work efficiency in contrast to the traditional organic chips; The chassis adopts heavy-duty four-wheel belt, which has better strength and impact resistance, and is more suitable for Iraq's complex working environment; All maintenance parts are within reach, repair Nanjing, April 25, 2015 - the world's first single pilot solar aircraft "sunshine power 2" successfully landed in Nanjing a few days ago, and maintenance is simple and easy. In addition, XCMG excavator also organized the recipient personnel to carry out the training of excavator theory, operation and maintenance knowledge, so as to ensure that the equipment is more effective in local infrastructure construction

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