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XCMG foundation 2018 warm spring ordering meeting for piling products - Shenzhen station won 100 million yuan orders

XCMG foundation 2018 warm spring ordering meeting for piling products - Shenzhen station won 100 million yuan orders

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Yangchun cloth Deze, all things produce brilliance. On March 6, XCMG foundation piling products ordering meeting - Shenzhen station ended perfectly. At the same time, the opening ceremony of XCMG Foundation's special dealer Shenzhen Qianhai Jucheng Technology Co., Ltd. was held grandly. This ordering meeting won orders for 25 rotary drilling rigs with a total price of more than 100million yuan, and made a good start in 2018

At the beginning of the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Qianhai Jucheng Technology Co., Ltd., a special dealer of XCMG foundation, Chen Zhidong, chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Jucheng, first delivered an opening speech. He shared the development history of Qianhai Jucheng technology, as well as his views on the current situation and future development trend of the industry. The view put forward by Chairman Chen that "the great development of foundation piling industry driven by the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area will continue until 2020" has been recognized by new and old customers present, and has also enhanced the development confidence of customers

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zhangzhonghai, deputy general manager of XCMG foundation, then made a speech. On the one hand, president Zhang expressed warm congratulations on the opening of Qianhai Jucheng; On the other hand, it also shows the expectation and confidence in the future development of the company and the cooperation between the two sides. "Shenzhen Qianhai Jucheng has cooperated with XCMG foundation for many years. In the future, XCMG foundation will work side by side with Shenzhen Qianhai Jucheng to improve customer satisfaction, meet customers' high-value needs, and become a strong backing for customers on the road to success."

Zhangzhonghai, deputy general manager of XCMG foundation, said that the activity attracted a large number of new and old customers, and was full of interest and expectation for the preferential policies for XCMG rotary drilling rig host and spare parts launched at this meeting. In order to let customers get real concessions and value-added feelings, XCMG foundation has brought three gifts to customers: first, according to the customer's credit situation, combined with XCMG Foundation's risk management and control mechanism and the equipment models held by customers, provide them with different amounts of cash back; Second, comprehensively launch the service "1+1" policy, that is, the product warranty time is doubled to solve customers' worries; Third, the activity of "smashing golden eggs with joy and making no mistake" was held on site. All customers who ordered the machine and paid a deposit of 100000 yuan will be invited to participate in the smashing golden eggs activity at the dinner on that day, and have the opportunity to get a spare parts gift bag. The multi-level and multi angle support and concessions to customers pushed the atmosphere to a climax. In front of the workbench on the side of the venue, customers who paid the deposit lined up. By the end of the event, a total of 25 orders for XCMG rotary drilling rigs worth more than 100 million yuan were signed

the support and trust of our customers will be transformed into XCMG's greater efforts and efforts, into more in-depth and meticulous services for customers, and into better services for customers. Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area officially issued the "several policy opinions on promoting the development of aluminum based new materials industry (Provisional)" to create value for customers. PolyOne's distribution business department increased its sales by nearly 2% in the first half of the year, Through RS232 port, you can also accept the instructions of other equipment and write a beautiful chapter for the development of the new era

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