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Fire prevention in raw material yard of paper industry on July 4, 1996, a fire broke out in the open stacking of raw material yard of Dezhou paper mill, burning 495 tons of wheat straw, one stacker and two twelve horsepower tractors, with a direct economic loss of 246.500 yuan. This is another major fire accident in the raw material yard of the plant after three fires on December 23, 1990, July 2, 1991 and January 24, 1995. In recent years, four fires in a row have suffered serious losses and profound lessons, but the reason is not accidental, that is, some people caused by the weakness of the fire-fighting legal system, but also caused by loopholes in management. So, how can we take effective preventive measures to prevent fires in the raw material yard of the paper industry

first of all, the location and layout of the raw material yard should be reasonable. The raw material yard should be located in an area far away from the production area and living area. The fire water source should be sufficient, the fire lane should be unblocked, the site should have good thermal oxygen aging performance and flat, and the stack base should be 30 cm higher than the natural ground to prevent ponding. In addition, a guard tower should be set around the raw material yard, and its location should be convenient for our company to observe the guard area according to the national investment invitation. Special fire-fighting or alarm equipment should be installed in the tower

secondly, be familiar with the characteristics of stored raw materials to prevent spontaneous combustion. The raw materials of the paper industry in our province are mostly straw raw materials, such as straw, wheat straw, reed, etc., and the raw materials are sufficient and the price is low, but the purchase is seasonal. Generally, the paper mills need to have a storage capacity of 6-7 months, so their reserves are large. In case of fire, not only the loss is serious, but also the production will be affected. At the same time, due to the low ignition point of grass raw materials, loose and hollow tissue, and large contact surface with air, it burns immediately in case of sparks, and the burning rate is very fast, forming large-area combustion in a short time. In addition, grass raw materials have the characteristics of spontaneous combustion. When the raw material stack is soaked by rain or the raw material itself contains water, the reanalysis amount of the curve can exceed 20%. When it is not turned over for a long time, the raw material will be corrupted and fermented due to the role of microorganisms, resulting in temperature rise. When the heat is accumulated to a certain extent, the fiber will decompose and oxidize violently, resulting in spontaneous combustion. On December 23, 1990, the major fire in the raw material stack of the plant was caused by the moisture and spontaneous combustion of the purchased wheat straw. To prevent spontaneous combustion, we must: ① strictly control the humidity when the raw materials enter the site; ② A specially assigned person shall regularly detect the stacking humidity and record it for the record; ③ For stacks with a moisture content of more than 20%, they should be removed for drying; ④ Do a good job of rain and lightning protection in rainy season. Raw materials soaked by rain should be dried in time and stacked. It is forbidden to stack at will

third, strengthen the management of electrical equipment. In the fire of papermaking raw material yard, there are many fires caused by electrical equipment failure or wire short circuit. For example, on July 4, 1996, the major fire in the plant was caused by the short circuit of the magnetic coil in the driving box of the stacker. Therefore, when using electrical equipment in the raw material yard, it is necessary to strictly implement the safety operation procedures, so as to: ① the insulation of electrical equipment shall be measured at least twice a year, and it must be repaired in time when it is found that it may cause ignition, short circuit, heating and poor insulation; ② Electrical equipment and wires shall not be overloaded, the safety device shall meet the specified requirements, and the switch must be equipped with a protective cover; ③ Install an electromagnetic alarm device to prevent iron debris from mixing into the grass cutter, friction and impact with the blade to produce sparks and ignite the grass debris; ④ Install dust removal devices to prevent combustible dust such as grass dust from accumulating on the bearings of various mechanical equipment or lighting fixtures, which will catch fire due to long operation time, friction heat generation or bulb baking; ⑤ At the end of the yard work, the power supply (excluding the fire power supply) should be cut off in time

fourth, strengthen fire source management. Due to poor fire source management in the raw material yard of the factory, the spark torque meter rechargeable battery was produced by the exhaust pipe of motor vehicles on July 2, 1991 Small size Light weight, easy to carry and use, causing fire. To strengthen the fire source management, we should: ① improve the guard system. When outsiders and vehicles enter the site, the guard should strictly check, register and collect the kindling; ② The surrounding chimneys and domestic stoves should be installed with anti flying fire devices; ③ Smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in the raw material yard; ④ When the motor vehicle enters the raw material yard, the parts prone to spark shall be equipped with protective devices, and the exhaust pipe must wear a fire helmet with good performance; ⑤ Remove combustible sundries in the site

fifth, strengthen the construction of fire-fighting infrastructure. It can be seen from several fires in Dezhou paper mill that the fire-fighting needs cannot be met without sufficient fire-fighting facilities, equipment and water sources. As a first-class large-scale enterprise, Dezhou paper mill, the volunteer fire brigade was helpless when the fire raged because it did not have a fire truck. If sufficient fire-fighting equipment and facilities are equipped, the budding fire can be put out in time and losses can be reduced. Therefore, fire-fighting facilities are the basis for fire fighting, and the construction of fire-fighting facilities can be adapted to local conditions, mainly practical and reliable

sixth, improve various systems and strengthen personnel management. Foreign personnel in the raw material storage yard of the paper industry are complex and traffic is frequent. Some people inside and outside the factory often ignore the warnings and systems and do not follow the rules. For example, smokers are often found in the raw material yard where fireworks are strictly prohibited, and the humble cigarette butts discarded by smokers are a major disaster in the raw material yard. On January 24, 1995, a major fire broke out in the factory, resulting in a direct economic loss of 255690 yuan, which was caused by man-made smoking. In addition, individual workers do not abide by labor discipline and operate against rules. If they are not controlled, there is the possibility of fire at any time. Therefore, we must improve the rules and regulations, strengthen the management of personnel, and assign special personnel to be responsible for the implementation

seventh, carry out fire safety knowledge education to improve the safety awareness of cadres and workers. To do a good job in the fire prevention of the raw material storage yard of the paper mill, the key is to improve the safety quality of the staff and cadres of the whole plant. Paper enterprises are key fire prevention units, but due to the large number of enterprise personnel, poor quality, lack of fire safety awareness, illegal hot work often occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly carry out fire safety knowledge education for employees, and regularly assess the fire safety knowledge of employees by hiring fire supervisors to give lectures or self-made fire prevention manuals, so as to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, and make the enterprise fire professionals familiar with and master the fire laws and regulations, fire prevention and fire extinguishing common sense, and firmly establish the idea of prevention first and safety first

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