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Fire prevention measures for overhead lines

(1) the conductor should have sufficient mechanical strength

the overhead conductor is set in the open air, which will expand and contract when encountering weather changes, and will be subject to external forces such as ice and snow cover and wind and rain. Therefore, in order to prevent wire breakage accidents, it is generally stipulated that the section of aluminum stranded wire should not be less than 16mm2

(2) the allowable current carrying capacity of the conductor must be greater than the working current of the line

when selecting the conductor section, if the allowable current carrying capacity is less than the working current of the line, the conductor will fall, overload and heat will occur, and in serious cases, the conductor will be burned

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(3) the voltage loss of the line should not be too large

the longer the line, the thinner the wire, the greater the load current, and the greater the voltage loss. Therefore, in the selection of lines, it should be fully considered that it may take a long time for the voltage loss to be completely degraded, and the normal operation of the electrical load should not be affected

2. Pay attention to the safe distance

in order to ensure the safe operation of overhead lines and prevent short circuits caused by collisions with vehicles, trees, buildings, etc., a certain horizontal and vertical distance must be maintained between overhead lines and various facilities

3. Install lightning protection devices

in order to ensure the convenient and safe operation of overhead lines, lightning protection equipment must be installed. Such as lightning conductor, lightning arrester, protective gap, etc

4. Regular patrol inspection and maintenance

overhead lines should be inspected frequently, generally not less than once a month, and the number of inspections should be increased in Thunderstorm seasons. In case of road failure, patrol inspection shall be carried out immediately. If the safety of personnel and equipment is threatened, power shall be cut off immediately, and relevant departments shall be reported to organize emergency repair in time

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