Fire prevention of the storage and transportation

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Fire prevention of gas cylinder storage and transportation warehouse

gas cylinder storage and transportation warehouse refers to the external market for the storage of compressed gas, liquefied gas, dissolved gas or adsorbed gas cylinders. Most of the gases stored in gas cylinders are inflammable and a) superior products (a); Explosive, toxic, combustion supporting and other properties are very likely to cause fire, explosion and poisoning accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of cylinder storage and transportation to ensure safety

I. fire risk

1. Overfilling will cause cylinder overpressure or even rupture, especially when the steel cylinder containing liquefied gas is heated, it is particularly easy to cause HB 5287 ⑴ 996 metal data axial loading decadent experimental method cylinder rupture

2. When filling gas in low-temperature environment, although the actual pressure at that time did not exceed the design pressure, the actual pressure in the cylinder will increase with the increase of ambient temperature during storage and transportation. If the cylinder material is poor or too old, it will explode due to overpressure

3. the gas cylinder valve leaks, the motor source in the warehouse is poorly ventilated, and the gas accumulates in the warehouse. If the gas cylinder collides and produces sparks when entering and leaving the warehouse, it may cause combustion or explosion

II. Fire prevention measures

1. Correct use of gas cylinders

(1) specify the maximum pressure capacity of the gas cylinder design, and fill the gas cylinder according to relevant regulations

(2) mark and paint the gas cylinder correctly to prevent misuse and mischarging

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