Summary of the hottest corrugated board bonding pr

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Summary of corrugated board bonding problems

(II) glue opening 1 Cause analysis of glue opening of lining paper:

① glue quality does not meet production requirements or is rotten to ensure property safety and minimize deterioration

② the glue amount is too small

③ the heat of corrugated roll and pressure roll is insufficient

④ the pressure of pressure roll is insufficient

⑤ the medium and high of corrugated roll and pressure roll are seriously worn


reset the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm ① replace the qualified glue liquid

② increase the amount of glue applied appropriately

③ increase the temperature of the pressure roller and corrugated roller to ensure that the temperature above 180CC starts up:

④ properly adjust the pressure of the pressure roller so that the lining and corrugated paper are well bonded and the lining paper is not exposed

Vibration occurs after the start of the testing machine

⑤ grind or replace with new pressure roll and corrugated roll

2. Reason analysis of dough paper glue opening:

① the glue amount is too small, and the drying speed is too slow

② the glue liquid is thin, and the glue on the rubber roller is insufficient

③ the hot plate temperature of the dryer is insufficient, and the glue liquid is not fully gelatinized

④ the drying locomotive is too fast, and the drying is insufficient

⑤ the ballast roll on the dryer and the conveyor belt does not fall completely


① appropriately increase the amount of glue and increase the speed as appropriate

② replace the glue or add an appropriate amount of emulsifier to the original glue

③ increase the hot plate temperature of the dryer to more than 180 ℃ and start it up

④ reduce the speed

⑤ drop the ballast floating roller

(III) false adhesion

1 Cause analysis of false sticking of lining paper:

① the temperature of corrugated roller is insufficient

② the glue amount is too small and the temperature is too high

③ slow speed, resulting in glue

④ the viscosity of the glue is not enough


① what does it mean to improve the hardness and rigidity of metal? Temperature of single-sided machine

② adjust the amount of glue, turn off the heat source, wait until the temperature drops below 180 ℃, and start the machine above 160 ℃

③ improve the speed of single-sided machine

④ appropriately increase the viscosity of the glue

2. Cause analysis of false sticking of face paper:

① insufficient temperature of hot plate of dryer

② precipitation and deterioration of glue liquid

③ the cardboard stays in the dryer too long


① start the machine when the temperature reaches that the glue can be gelatinized

② replace the new glue

③ the tissue paper is still broken after reducing the tension of the tension gate valve of the shaft less support of the tissue paper, and the paper cylinder with good tension can be replaced. It is estimated that the paper breaking and resuming time may exceed two minutes. Cut off the single-sided corrugated board immediately. Remove the board from the dryer before resuming the paper, so as to reduce the residence time of the board in the dryer in the daytime

(to be continued)

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