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Summary of the development policy of pharmaceutical packaging in the "Tenth Five Year Plan"

this newspaper recently visited the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association on the future development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. In the tidy office of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, Secretary General Cai Hong stated frankly the policy of the Tenth Five Year Plan: taking development as the theme, structural adjustment as the main line, reform and opening up and scientific and technological progress as the driving force, and improving people's living standards as the fundamental starting point. In addition, Secretary General Cai also mentioned that under the current situation, we must clearly see that the challenges faced by China's pharmaceutical packaging industry far outweigh the opportunities. In particular, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the country took promoting the reform of the medical and health system as an important goal to improve the social security system, paying more attention to the society of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. We should do the following work well:

(I) improve the overall level of the pharmaceutical packaging industry and meet the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises to certify GM P

after joining WTO, one of the basic conditions for pharmaceutical enterprises to be qualified to participate in the competition is to obtain the drug GM P certificate from the State Drug Administration. As of November 28, 2000, 522 enterprises have obtained the "drug GM P certificate" from the State Pharmaceutical Administration. The dosage forms produced include all existing dosage forms, which are distributed all over the country. Thousands of existing pharmaceutical factories in China will speed up the standard transformation of GM P at an unprecedented speed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, otherwise they will be eliminated. This reality requires that the overall level of the pharmaceutical packaging industry must be rapidly and comprehensively improved, and the product quality, production environment, storage and transportation, including the production, sales and use of pharmaceutical packaging products, must meet the requirements of GM P. Pharmaceutical packaging enterprises that are difficult to meet the requirements will also be eliminated. The specific requirements are first to obtain the registration certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials in accordance with the general acceptance rules of order No. 21 of the State Drug Administration

(II) improve the production capacity and level of domestic pharmaceutical packaging products production equipment

since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises have carried out continuous technological transformation, and the most important content of these transformation is the renewal of equipment. If you want to do good work, you must sharpen your tools first. No good product can be made without good equipment. Although the production equipment of domestic pharmaceutical packaging products has been improved over the years, the speed of improvement is not fast. Basically, it takes the road of imitation and lacks the awareness and ability of innovation. Under the condition that pharmaceutical packaging enterprises generally lack abundant funds, it is difficult to spend a lot of foreign exchange to buy foreign equipment. This has formed a bottleneck restricting the progress of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

after joining WTO, the price of imported equipment in developed countries in the world will be significantly reduced, which is conducive to the equipment renewal of drug packaging materials enterprises, and also brings greater pressure to the development of equipment manufacturers in China. During the strategic adjustment of the economic structure during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the country takes "vigorously revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry... Improve the design and manufacturing level, promote electromechanical integration, and provide advanced and complete sets of technical equipment for all industries" as one of the very urgent tasks, which will create a better social environment for the progress of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Pharmaceutical packaging product manufacturers should seize the opportunity and take the initiative to strengthen contact and cooperation with pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturers. Strive to solve the high-quality localization of common parts and vulnerable parts of advanced equipment in a relatively short time, and promote the R & D and manufacturing level of the host, especially the development of quality inspection equipment for drug packaging products

(III) accelerating the construction of informatization and promoting the reform and development of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises

informatization is the general trend of the world's economic and social development, and it is also the key link of China's industrial optimization and upgrading and the realization of industrialization and modernization. We should clearly see that developed countries have entered the information age on the basis of the strategic opportunity period of industrialization and modernization, which is still in progress, and China is still far from the standard of industrialization and modernization. We must keep up with the pace of world informatization and achieve leapfrog development while pursuing industrial optimization and upgrading and realizing industrialization and modernization

the "construction of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the first Five-Year Plan for national economic and social development" has clearly put forward: "it is necessary to widely apply information technology in the whole society, improve the popularization and application of computers and networks, and strengthen the development and utilization of information resources. Government administration, social public services, and enterprise production and operation should use digital and networking technologies to speed up the pace of informatization." At present, a number of advanced manufacturing enterprises using computer management and successful examples of pharmaceutical e-commerce and international trade bidding have emerged in China's pharmaceutical enterprises. In 2000, the output value of the pharmaceutical industry can be close to 230billion yuan, the commercial sales can reach 150billion yuan, the export is close to 4billion dollars, and the profit can reach 13billion yuan. In order to improve the contribution rate of packaging enterprises to the pharmaceutical industry, Chinese pharmaceutical packaging enterprises must first strive to achieve network communication with pharmaceutical enterprises. In view of the low level of computer application in China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises at present, the following suggestions are put forward for the informatization construction of the pharmaceutical packaging industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan Period:

1. Grasp the basic management, build a good computer management network, and improve the staff, generally in order to enhance the quality of workers

without the internal computer management foundation of the enterprise, there will be no external networking. Therefore, we must start with the basic management within the enterprise to do a good job in the construction of computer network. What kind of software and technology platform to build a local area or use Internet is decided by enterprises according to their actual situation. Enterprises should support and actively participate in the experience exchange organized by the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association in this regard, and give play to the unique role of social groups

2. Promote enterprise engineering:

support all pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to create conditions. Establish a station to publicize yourself, understand customer needs, grasp the situation that the market performance is poor, there is no longer a dynamic, and reflect on the market at the first time

3. Promote standardized management software

for different management needs of different enterprises, design different management software or solutions, and combine versatility with particularity. It is advocated to use computer management to transform traditional management. On the other hand, computer management should also adapt to the transformation of traditional management

4. support the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association to establish a public information and technology service platform for the industry according to law, and better provide information for enterprises. Jinan time Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd. will bring you information about the installation and commissioning methods of computer-based universal material laboratory machines

(IV) strengthening the construction of democracy and legal system, maintaining market order, and protecting fair competition

being unable to abide by or failing to abide by the law is a hot and difficult problem that has plagued the pharmaceutical packaging industry for a long time, and an important reason for causing market chaos and hindering the progress of the industry. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the pharmaceutical packaging industry should also adapt to the national environment of strengthening democracy and legal construction, and promote the coordination and interaction of enterprises, associations and governments

1. Learn and use methods and create a good legal environment. The Tenth Five Year Plan period is a key period for the in-depth development of reform, and the whole industry should promote learning and use methods. We should regulate our own behavior according to law, protect our own interests according to law, and create a better legal environment

2. Strengthen the construction of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association is an industrial social group that enterprises voluntarily participate in. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, we should strengthen the construction of associations in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. The association itself should also strengthen the self-management mechanism with the constitution of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association as the core. Give better play to the due role of the association

(V) clarify the "Tenth Five Year Plan" development policy of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

1. Strengthen the research on the impact of pharmaceutical packaging waste on the environment, and support the development and production of environmental friendly packaging products. Explore the application of controlling the degradation of polymer materials in pharmaceutical packaging

2. Strengthen the development and production of OTC packaging

3. Strengthen the research and development of children's safety packaging, and promote the formulation of corresponding regulations

4. powder injection (including biological, biochemical and freeze-drying)

develop high-quality tube bottles and light-weight molded bottles, speed up the elimination of natural rubber corks, achieve butyl on the basis of steadily improving the quality level of butyl rubber corks, and develop high-quality aluminum-plastic composite caps

5. Water injection

improve the quality of easy to break ampoules, and develop low expansion coefficient and printing ampoules. Accelerate the development of color ring easy to break ampoule production

6. Infusion packaging

develop high-quality plastic infusion containers, improve the quality of glass infusion bottles, and strictly prohibit the secondary use of various infusion containers. Eliminate natural rubber plugs and promote butyl rubber plugs. Develop high-quality aluminum plastic composite covers

7. capsules and tablets

the production of manual capsules is strictly prohibited, and the supervision and inspection of capsule production quality and health indicators are strengthened. Vigorously develop the development of green capsules of non animal capsule types, and support the technological research and development of seaweed capsules. Support the development and production of various high barrier composite materials and containers. The sealing performance of plastic bottles should be achieved by improving the accuracy of molds and other technical means to reduce the use of bottle mouth sealing film. Improve the quality of glass yellow round bottles, and completely eliminate soft (broken) corks dipped in wax

8. Ointment

completely eliminate lead tin tubes and low-quality plastic products, and develop internally sprayed aluminum tubes. Support the research of high-level aluminum-plastic composite pipe on the premise of taking into account the requirements of environmental protection and medicine

9. Cooperate with the development of dosage forms, research and develop pharmaceutical packaging materials

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