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Summary of problems in anodized hot stamping operation mode

1 Poor hot stamping

there are many reasons for poor hot stamping, and the treatment methods are also different. To sum up, there are mainly three kinds as follows

① when the hot stamping is not firm due to low hot stamping temperature or light pressure, the hot stamping temperature and pressure can be adjusted again

② in the printing process, excessive dry oil is added to the ink, which makes the surface of the ink layer dry too fast and crystallize, so that the printing foil cannot be hot stamped. The solution is to first try to prevent crystallization during printing. Secondly, if crystallization occurs, remove the hot stamping foil, press the printed matter in the air under heating, and destroy the crystallization layer before hot stamping

③ adding an appropriate amount of waxy diluent, anti sticking agent or non drying oily substances to the ink will also produce poor hot stamping. The solution is to first stick a layer of absorbent paper on the printing plate and air press it again, and then carry out hot stamping operation after adsorbing the wax and non drying oil on the bottom color ink layer

2. Hot stamping pictures nano rare earth composites play an important role in text deficiency and dizziness

in the process of hot stamping, it is found that the graphics and texts are blurred and dizzy, which is mainly caused by the high hot stamping temperature and the coking of electrochemical aluminum foil. If the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate is too high, making the electrochemical aluminum foil exceed the tolerable limit, at this time, the electrochemical aluminum foil will expand around, causing dizziness and virtual phenomenon. The temperature must be adjusted to the appropriate range according to the characteristics of the electrochemical aluminum foil

for the coking of electrochemical aluminum foil, the main reason is that the machine is shut down for too long during the hot stamping process, which causes a part of the electrochemical aluminum foil to contact with the electrothermal high-temperature printing plate for a long time, resulting in the phenomenon of heating and coking, and dizziness after hot stamping. Therefore, in case of shutdown during the production process, the temperature should be reduced, or the electrochemical aluminum foil should be removed, or a thick paper can be placed in front of the printing plate with higher temperature to isolate the electrochemical aluminum foil from the printing plate

3. The main reasons for this fault are that the hot stamping temperature is too high, the anodized aluminum coating is too thick, the embossing force in 2019 is too large, and the anodized aluminum installation is loose. Corresponding measures should be taken according to the specific situation. High hot stamping temperature is the main cause of illegibility and plate pasting. In the process of anodized hot stamping, if the printing plate temperature is too high, it will cause the transfer and stickiness of film base and other film layers, resulting in illegibility and plate pasting. When hot stamping, the hot stamping temperature should be appropriately reduced according to the temperature range of electrochemical aluminum foil. In addition, select electrochemical aluminum with thin aluminum coating, adjust the appropriate pressure, and appropriately adjust the pressure of the rolling drum and the tension of the winding drum

4. The edges of pictures and texts are uneven and unclear

when anodized hot stamping, the edges of pictures and texts have rough edges, which affects the printing quality. The main reasons for this phenomenon are: the pressure of the printing plate is uneven, which is mainly caused by the uneven layout when loading the plate, resulting in uneven pressure everywhere on the layout. Some of the pressure is too large, and some of the pressure is too small, so that the graphics and texts are not evenly stressed, so the surface is not smooth when hot stamping electrochemical aluminum foil, and the adhesion between each part and the substrate is different, resulting in uneven imprinting. Therefore, the printing plate for hot stamping electrochemical aluminum foil must be leveled and padded to ensure uniform hot stamping pressure, so as to avoid unclear pictures and texts

if the pressure of the printing plate is too high during hot stamping, it can also cause uneven graphic imprinting. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the hot stamping pressure to an appropriate level. It is necessary to ensure that the experimental speed of the imprinting mechanism has a "constant speed (mm/min)" of moving the specified distance within 1 minute. The pad stickers that adhere to good neighborly friendship, watch and help each other, promote mutual trust and deepen cooperation should be accurately fitted according to the area of the pattern, without displacement and good movement. In this way, we can ensure that the pictures and texts coincide with the cushion layer during hot stamping and avoid hairiness around the pictures and texts. In addition, the pressure after hot stamping of the same plate is uneven, because the size of the image and text area is very different. The pressure of large-area image and text should be increased, and the pressure of large and small areas can be corrected and adjusted by paper padding to make them equal. Finally, if the temperature is too high during hot stamping, it will also cause uneven image and text imprinting. Therefore, we should reasonably control the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate according to the characteristics of electrochemical aluminum foil, so as to ensure that the four sides of the picture and text are smooth, flat and hairless

5. Incomplete and incomplete text imprinting, missing pen and broken stroke

this fault is mainly caused by electrochemical aluminum foil conveying, printing plate and other reasons. For example, the printing plate is damaged or deformed, which is one of the important reasons for the incomplete image and text imprinting

therefore, if the printing plate is found to be damaged, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. The plate deformation makes the plate unable to withstand the applied hot stamping pressure. Replace the plate and adjust the pressure. If the electrochemical aluminum foil is cut and transported with deviation, the edge left during the horizontal cutting of the electrochemical aluminum foil is too small or the cutting is skewed, and the deviation occurs during the unwinding and transportation, the electrochemical aluminum foil will be inconsistent with the printing plate graphics and text, and some graphics and text will be exposed, resulting in incomplete. In order to prevent such problems, the electrochemical aluminum foil should be cut neatly and smoothly, and the size of the left edge should be appropriately increased. Improper conveying speed and tightness of electrochemical aluminum foil will also cause this kind of fault

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