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Dongyue cold analysis what is the reason why the compressor of the air-cooled water chiller can't start? Researchers at the National University of Singapore are still studying the simple surface modification of pet aerogel gel

air-cooled water chiller | air-cooled water chiller compressor | air-cooled water chiller failure - what is the reason why the compressor of the air-cooled water chiller can't start: the compressor is the core component of the air-cooled water chiller, if it can't start, Then the whole unit will not work. Therefore, when the compressor is started, the data range of various instruments and meters (such as thermometer, pressure gauge, flowmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, etc.) during the normal operation of the air-cooled chiller refrigeration system should be understood in detail, so that various abnormal phenomena can be eliminated according to the relevant data

in case the refrigeration compressor of the air-cooled chiller you bought cannot be started, or it stops soon after starting, we should check it from the following six aspects:

1. First, check the main circuit. For example, whether the power supply is powered, whether the voltage is normal, whether the fuse has been burnt out due to starting overload, whether the air switch trips, whether the switch contacts are in good condition, and whether the power supply lacks phase. Observe the voltmeter and ammeter when starting. When the water cooler is not equipped with ammeter and voltmeter until the test piece is broken, use a multimeter or a measuring pen to check the power supply. When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor will not start

2. For the piston refrigeration compressor, whether the big end bearing bush of the connecting rod and the curved sleeve lock the shaft. These can be caused by the high exhaust temperature during the previous operation, or by the coking of lubricating oil, which makes the cylinder and piston stick, so that the compressor cannot be started

3. Check differential pressure relay and high and low voltage relay. When the oil pressure of the compressor used in the static load zigzag, cross grain tension, compression and splitting experiments of wood is abnormal (above or below a certain value), the compressor can stop running. At the same time, when the discharge pressure (high pressure) and suction pressure (low pressure) of the compressor are abnormal, it cannot be started or the compressor will stop running soon after it has been started

4. Check whether the chilled water volume, cooling water volume and water temperature are normal. If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, it will cause the condensation pressure to rise sharply and the evaporation temperature to drop rapidly. Due to the action of the unit protection facilities, it is often shut down soon

5. Check whether the relevant solenoid valves and regulating valves fail, and whether they are opened or closed as required

6. Check whether there is working medium leakage in the temperature sensing package of the temperature relay. 5. Always keep the equipment clean and hygienic; Leakage or incorrect adjustment

these reasons often cause the refrigeration compressor of the chiller to fail to start, or stop quickly after starting for a few minutes or more. At this time, the reason must be carefully found out. Before the reason is found out, it is not allowed to start forcibly to avoid damaging the air-cooled chiller

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