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Summary of several error prone points in printing design

1. The graphic color mode must be CMYK or grayscale

2. If you need a large area of pure black background in the color map, it is recommended to use k:100, c:30. Such black printing is brighter than the same color black. At the same time, because of the existence of blue printing, it can make up for the loophole of false black printing. Of course, this value is not fixed. I once made an open poster, using k:100 and c:80. This is because the area is too large and the printing machine is fast, so it is difficult to make the color solid, so the value is increased accordingly. In addition, if there are warm color patterns on the whole picture and the edges are feathered, or there are warm color transparency, the value at this time should be adjusted according to the actual main warm colors. China should take into account the development of planned colors, such as k:100, m:60, y:70. The transition part of such patterns is very comfortable, not as strange as k:100. You can see this phenomenon by testing it in Photoshop

3. Anti white words or anti white thin lines on variegated patterns. When selecting fonts (or points of lines), be careful not to use too fine fonts such as imitation Song Dynasty and fine circles, and try to use bold, clerical and other fonts with obvious lines, so as to avoid inaccurate typography and unclear text or lines

4. When making small tags and other things that need to be rolled and punched, pay attention to not designing the outer frame as much as possible. Because if there is a slight deviation in the edition position when rolling the box, there will be a situation that one side is large and the other side is small

5. Pay attention to the printing design of newspaper manuscripts and gummed paper. Both paper and gummed paper are inky. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the mesh number of rubber materials when making films, you should also pay attention to reducing the chromaticity correspondingly when making newspaper manuscripts. For example, you need to see the gray scale of 30. When making newspaper manuscripts, Shandong Sida high tech is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic universal experimental machines, and will set the gray scale to about 24, In this way, it is printed on some gray paper that we all serve in one-stop. The actual effect is equivalent to 30 grayscale. (double) gummed paper is whiter than paper. Adjusting the chromaticity can be lower than normal copperplate printing and higher than newspaper manuscripts. It depends on experience and feeling

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