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Preliminary study on the factors affecting the ability to deal with accidents

Abstract: the safe operation of the power system largely depends on whether the safety in operation can be grasped. Once the substation, as the framework of the system, breaks down, it will not only affect the normal power supply to users and equipment damage, but also lead to the oscillation or collapse of the power system, resulting in a large-scale power outage, Correct handling of substation equipment accidents is the basic measure to control the expansion of accidents and reduce hazards. Here we focus on several factors that affect accident handling

key words: power system accident handling power outage Untitled Document the safe operation of power system largely depends on whether we can grasp the safety key in operation. Once the substation, as the framework of the system, breaks down, it will affect the normal power supply and equipment damage to users, or lead to power system oscillation or collapse, resulting in large-scale power outage, posing a threat to the national economic construction and the safety of people's lives and property, Therefore, we must adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first" to effectively ensure the safe operation of the substation. The two most important tasks of the safe operation of the substation are operation and accident handling. The former largely depends on the implementation of regulations and systems, while the latter brings considerable tests to the operators due to the sudden and unpredictable nature of the accident. Correct handling of substation equipment accidents is the basic measure to control the expansion of accidents and reduce hazards. Here we focus on several factors that affect accident handling. According to the analysis of the previous anti accident exercises organized by the substation of Jiangmen Electric Power Bureau on site, combined with the daily operation work, it can be summarized into the following five aspects. The author discusses this and hopes to play a guiding role. 1. The organization and command ability of the shift leader. The key is that the shift leader has good organization and command ability. Because accidents are often sudden, when accidents happen, the shift staff will easily feel overwhelmed. Whether they can make a correct judgment quickly has a lot to do with their professional level, reaction ability and practical experience. As the leader of a class, the shift leader is the soul of the whole class. In this case, its "central" role should be highlighted. At this time, a correct order can wake up the whole class, Command everyone to perform their duties, quickly control the scope of the accident, restore the power transmission of the affected equipment, and minimize the loss of the accident. On the contrary, if the shift leader is inexperienced or the management level is not high, he will be in chaos, and the whole situation will be in a headless situation, resulting in the untimely handling of the accident, and even the expansion of the accident. Many cases have proved that in the process of dealing with major accidents in operation, if there is no unified organization and command, the whole situation will be a mess. At this time, as the shift leader, he should comprehensively consider many issues, such as the judgment of accident signs, the decision of key operation handling, personnel allocation and arrangement, which will not only test his technical level, but also test his organization and command ability, Therefore, the shift leader must pay attention to the cultivation and strengthening of the organization and command ability in his daily work. The performance of the two classes that recently participated in the anti accident drill from the substation is a good example. One class was praised for its strong organization ability, high prestige in the class, orderly accident handling and rapid accident handling; The other class was criticized because the shift leader did not pay enough attention to the cultivation of organization and command ability, such as the absence of a commander in the accident, the unclear division of personnel, which appeared to be relatively busy and the treatment effect was not ideal. 2. The overall business level of the team. The impact of the overall business level of the team on the accident handling ability of a team is self-evident. When the team pays attention to on-site training, it should not only emphasize familiarity with the procedures, but also pay attention to the mastery and correct application of the procedures, and pay attention to the improvement of the overall level. The handling of major accidents requires collective cooperation, that is, the so-called "team spirit", which requires every team member to take action. It is not enough to rely on oneortwo. 2. Personal precautions during the installation of plastic tensile machine. This requires that at ordinary times, people should be reminded to think more, think more ways, develop the collective spirit of unity and cooperation, encourage people with good technical level (such as shift and station master) to vigorously help those with low technical level, communicate more in daily work, and improve the technical level of the shift more comprehensively, so as to form a "combat effectiveness" shift to deal with all kinds of sudden accidents. 3. Duty quality duty quality refers to the recognition that we know the characteristics of three materials: for example, the real monitoring screen, the shift inspection, the shift inspection, the mental state of duty, etc. the quality of duty has been improved, and the accident handling can naturally respond quickly, because we have a clear understanding of the operation mode, load condition, defect handling and other conditions of the station in our mind, so we can organize the handling with a targeted aim, and will not panic and panic. For example, if the monitoring screen is careful, we can correctly and comprehensively grasp the signs of the accident. If the shift inspection is serious and in place, we can pay attention to or timely find the equipment defects, and change the accident from unpredictable to predictable, so as to eliminate it in the bud, which has been verified in the operation work. 4. Implementation of rules and regulations the accident handling process must be strictly implemented in accordance with the rules. The rules are written in lessons and blood, and its role in ensuring safety is very important. In the event of an accident, there are many operations to isolate the fault point, and the site is inevitably very busy. At this time, we must be busy but not disorderly, keep the rules and regulations in mind, strictly abide by the rules, and never violate the rules or become an excuse because of many tasks and busy operations. In this regard, there are too many cases of ignoring the rules and regulations because of confusion, which eventually leads to the expansion of the accident, A large number of reported accidents have proved that working under irregular conditions and habitual violations are the main reasons for causing and expanding accidents. We should carefully learn lessons, so strict implementation of rules and regulations is the guarantee of safe operation. 5. The realization of accident anticipation in accident handling accident anticipation means that when a specific accident occurs, all well-known material suppliers Jinmin new materials have made new breakthroughs in the technology of spray free products. It is a work that personnel should do to respond quickly and handle correctly. It is a powerful measure to prevent accidents and a reflection of "being prepared for danger in times of safety", It is also an effective training means to enhance the accident response ability, and its importance should be recognized by all operators. Operators should make accident prediction under various conditions according to the operation condition of equipment, defect development, sudden change of weather and other conditions, so that the whole class can have a unified understanding and cooperate with each other through accident prediction. Then something really happens

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