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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Premier Wen Jiabao chaired an executive meeting of the State Council on July 30 to listen to the report on the formulation of the implementation rules for encouraging private investment, deploy, encourage and support enterprises to strengthen technological transformation

The meeting pointed out that since the reform and opening up, China's non-public economy has developed rapidly from scratch, from small to large, and its position and role in economic and social development have become increasingly prominent. It has become an important force in promoting economic development, promoting scientific and technological innovation, adjusting industrial structure, prospering urban and rural markets, and expanding social employment. Adhering to the policy of "two unwavering", encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment is directly related to adhering to the basic economic system in the primary stage of socialism, maintaining the legal system of equal protection of property rights, truly establishing a market environment of fair competition, stimulating social vitality and promoting social progress. Since the issuance and implementation of the "several opinions of the State Council on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment" in 2010, especially since this year, all relevant departments have implemented the deployment of the State Council, formulated and promulgated 42 detailed rules for the implementation of the "new 36 articles" with a view to reducing the entry threshold and creating fair competition conditions. These rules involve all walks of life related to economic and social development and people's lives, and have taken substantial steps in removing obstacles that restrict the development of private investment ◆ solviva biomaterials for implantable equipment

the meeting required all regions and relevant departments to take practical and effective measures to ensure the implementation of all policies, create a fair, transparent and predictable market environment for all kinds of market entities, including the private economy, and create an institutional environment in which all kinds of ownership economies use production elements equally according to law, participate in market competition fairly, and are equally protected by law. First, we should launch a number of key projects to guide private investment in the fields of railways, municipal administration, energy, telecommunications, finance, health, education and so on as soon as possible, so as to give play to the demonstration and driving effect. Second, we should track the implementation and effect of the detailed rules in time, constantly improve policies and measures, and improve operability. The entry rules, standards and conditions of some industries reflected by enterprises are still not clear and specific, and we should pay close attention to research and solve them. Third, we should accelerate the reform of key industries. We will further promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, further clean up, cancel and adjust administrative examination and approval matters for industrial molding aluminum processing, and straighten out the relationship between the government and the market. Fourth, we should strengthen the guidance of private capital and private enterprises to promote the sustainable and healthy development of private economy. The meeting decided that the State Council would organize special inspections in the near future

The meeting pointed out that China's industry is in an important period of transformation from large to strong. Under the circumstances that the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisis is still emerging and the downward pressure on the domestic economy is increasing, we should take effective policies and measures in a timely manner to encourage and support enterprises to adopt new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, transform and improve existing facilities, process conditions and production services, enhance innovation and competitiveness, and accelerate industrial upgrading. This is of great significance to promote structural adjustment and the transformation of development mode, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, promote reasonable investment, expand consumption demand, and maintain steady and rapid economic development

the meeting identified the key directions to encourage and support the technological transformation of enterprises: first, accelerate the promotion of technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the industrialization and application of advanced technologies. Second, accelerate the promotion and application of advanced manufacturing systems, intelligent manufacturing equipment and large-scale complete sets of technical equipment. We will support key enterprises to target the world's cutting-edge technologies, accelerate equipment upgrading and transformation, and promote the technology and equipment in key areas to reach the international advanced level. Third, accelerate the promotion of advanced energy-saving, water-saving and material saving technologies and processes at home and abroad, and verify their quality or performance according to the design requirements, so as to improve the efficiency of energy and resources utilization and improve the popularity of mature and applicable cleaner production technologies. Fourth, we should strive to promote lean manufacturing, improve the process flow and improve the manufacturing level. Fifth, deepen the application of information technology, accelerate the promotion and application of key common technologies such as modern production management system, and promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization

the meeting decided that the central government will allocate funds to support key industries to accelerate the implementation of technological transformation in the form of interest discounts. We should make good use of the current preferential tax policies. Encourage financial institutions to provide diversified financing facilities for actively promoting Sino foreign cooperation in technological transformation projects, support enterprises to carry out technological transformation by means of financial leasing, and expand the scale of direct financing for technological transformation of enterprises. The meeting stressed that to encourage and support the technological transformation of enterprises, enterprises should be the main body, market-oriented, pay attention to efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection

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