The hottest $73.25 million glass substrate project

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The USD 73.25 million glass substrate project has been settled in Fuzhou Rongqiao development zone. It has become one of the largest LCD terminal product production bases in China with the most concentrated layout and the highest international market share. It is one of the leading batch of new industrialization industry demonstration bases in China. The project is located in Fuzhou National Rongqiao economic and Technological Development Zone (Fuqing photoelectric science and Technology Park), forming an annual output of 10000 square meters of large-size TFT, 500000-600000 square meters of small and medium-sized TFT, t production steel structure, which mainly consumes glass substrates for power n and STN. The total investment of the project is USD 73.25 million, and the cooperation mode is joint venture or sole proprietorship

under the internal economic cycle, in 2021, we will improve the technical level of polymerization, spinning, dyeing and finishing industrialization of polylactic acid, poly (propylene terephthalate) and bio based polyamide. In April, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry.

2020 with the outbreak of the global epidemic, during the "1025" period, a number of national first prize for technological invention, first prize for scientific and technological progress The first prize of natural science has been awarded to the technical achievements in the field of new materials. The prevention and control of domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, and the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes. What test application fields are mainly applicable to horizontal tensile testing machines in China? Under the strong strategic deployment of the national policy, the [details]

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