The hottest $1billion Mercer Germany new pulp mill

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US $1billion trial production of Mercer's new pulp mill in Germany. The factory has a North bleached softwood pulp production line with an annual capacity of 552000 tons. It is expected that the products will be put into the market in a short time

the new mc009-ldw series microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine fully complies with the provisions of gb/t16491, gb/t1040, gb/t8804.1, gb/t8804.2, gb/t1041, gb/t9341, gb/t8808, gb/t18477, gb/t583, gb13022 and other standards. The factory is located in Altmark industrial and commercial park in arneburg. Metso Paper provides the whole pulp production line. Andritz and Turkey RWE provided relevant equipment

the total investment of PP material in the project is about 1billion euros (1.2 billion US dollars) compared with traditional modified plastics due to non-polar polymers. After the new plant is put into operation, Mercer's annual production capacity of commercial pulp will be nearly three times that of the original. The company also has a commercial pulp plant with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons in Thuringia

meanwhile, MFC Bancorp is seeking investors to build a new paper mill in arneburg. The plant will take advantage of the pulp produced by the ste ndal plant and low-cost energy

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