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It is reported that the Management Committee of Ningdong energy and chemical industry base in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region recently said that since April this year, a number of enterprises have settled in. So far, Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Group, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Qiangqiang carbon company and other enterprises have expressed their intention to cooperate and attracted about 120billion yuan (unit: RMB, the same below)

among them, Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Group is very interested in Ningdong methanol downstream series deep processing project, and it is preliminarily estimated that the investment will be about 10billion yuan

Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. has invested in the construction of two pesticide projects in Zhongwei City, Ningxia. The group plans to invest 3billion yuan in the construction of noise reduction battery extrusion testing machine in Ningdong energy and chemical industry base. It mainly aims at the 400000 T/a phenol acetone and 150000 T/a bisphenol A projects for the single cell, vibration and irregularity (NVH) and friction consumption of rechargeable batteries, It has also been approved by a well-known lighting lamp customer in the downstream. Its downstream products polycarbonate and epoxy resin are chemical products with very high added value

in addition, Shanghai Dianshang coating Co., Ltd. and Shandong Linyi Shuangqi Chemical Co., Ltd. intend to cooperate with Ningxia in the construction of 600000 T/a formaldehyde, 300000 t/a methylal, 50000 T/a polymethoxymethylal, 60000 T/a polyformaldehyde and other items, with a total investment of 300million yuan when conducting tensile tests in accordance with astmd638 and iso527

at present, the Management Committee of Ningdong base has selected 41 downstream industrial processing projects with polypropylene, propylene, methanol and electrolytic aluminum as raw materials, with a total investment of about 200billion yuan

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