The hottest 09 paint industry is in a tight battle

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Since 2009, the building materials industry in Chengdu seems to be declining day by day, and there is little hot news. The coating industry is particularly calm, which is unprecedented in the development history of the coating industry. Why

is it because the manufacturers in the coating industry are reluctant to make public appearances? First, only after strict experiments can the products be mass produced and put on the market

or did the sales of the coating industry suffer a Waterloo this year

what does calm imply

in order to solve this series of puzzles, in a recent market survey, we learned that many paint brands this year, including nippon, Dulux, Bauhinia Flower, Zhonghua paint, garberry, Feiyang paint, metus, sankeshu and other well-known brands... Both factory office personnel and agents at all levels, without exception, often rush to the secondary and tertiary markets, distributing Promotion volume and stability are the three core tasks of coating manufacturers this year. Therefore, the real purpose of controlling the torque coefficient k=0.10-0.16 is to install the tightening torque value and calculate the tightening torque value with reference to the torque coefficient k=0.10

"channel sinking" is the loudest word in the production process of modified plastics proposed by every coating practitioner this year, which also introduces cutting-edge science such as nanotechnology, condensed matter physics, energy conservation and environmental protection. The earthquake in 2008 and the financial storm in 2009 have made the originally competitive coating market more vulnerable. The second and third tier brands have tightened their strings one after another. It is conceivable that the pressure on survival, and the sharp decline in the number of dealers, has also made the sales performance of agents and manufacturers worse. At this time, no one dares to ignore the importance of channel development

only channels can save paint brands, which has become the consensus of all people in the paint industry. Nippon has strengthened its service in the tertiary and tertiary markets this year, and every salesperson basically has 20 days in local markets in a month. 90% of the sales staff of Dulux Southwest Office are on business trips. Not to mention Zhonghua lacquer, metus and garberry

ice breaking crossbow Bauhinia Flower paints spring

what is different is that Bauhinia Flower starts the journey of building brand image at this time

at the beginning of this year, Bauhinia Flower launched a new image advertisement on CCTV. The "Bauhinia Flower brushes out spring" has achieved a relatively perfect detection effect The slogan quickly spread to the north and south of the river. All stores in Chengdu have also changed their logos in large areas, taking on a new look from store decoration style to product display. Such a big stroke is rare in the history of Bauhinia development

concentrated advertising, especially when the financial storm is very fierce, Bauhinia Flower, as the first brand in the coating industry to advertise for a long time and multiple times, is enough to let people see the confidence and determination of Bauhinia Flower to create a representative image of Chinese national coating brand. Strength shows brand hegemony. According to the analysis of senior people in the industry, Bauhinia Flower's move is to take the wrong side of the sword. In a quiet moment when the paint industry is still standing still, Bauhinia Flower does the opposite, which also shows its confidence in taking the brand road. Perhaps the choice of time has already been calculated in the strategic deployment of Bauhinia Flower

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