Mr. Zhang, an excellent dealer of jiushidu Lishui,

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On March 30, the 2014 annual marketing conference and new product launch of 90 degrees smart home was held in Foshan. As one of the cooperative media, home hotline participated in the event and interviewed some excellent dealer representatives of 90 degrees on relevant issues

home hotline: Hello! Where are you from? When did you join 90 degrees

President Zhang: Hello, I'm from Lishui, Zhejiang Province. I joined 90 degrees in December, 2010

president Zhang, an excellent dealer of jiushidu Lishui,

home hotline: what was the coincidence that made you choose the brand jiushidu

president Zhang: actually, it's quite coincidental. I didn't come to Guangzhou to investigate for 90 degrees. Later, it was also because a friend here recommended that 90 degrees is a rising star here, and the quality is particularly good. Then we went straight to the 90 degrees exhibition hall. After coming to the exhibition hall and learning about the products, I was really interested in it. At that time, I signed the contract, and then we began to catch the plane. In fact, it took us about half a day to make this decision. It was really a coincidence

home hotline: after cooperating with 90 degrees for so long, what new understanding do you have about 90 degrees

president Zhang: I know that 90 degrees is changing and improving every year, including product hardware and dealer service. 90 degrees are very attentive to help us and support us, so let us also have great confidence in it

home hotline: can you briefly introduce your experience in operating 90 degrees

president Zhang: actually, it's quite simple. We should first have a goal, and then build an efficient and excellent team to fight. In fact, it's how we should broaden our marketing channels, our business mode, and how to make a breakthrough and change from "business" to "business". Finally, I think we should have the confidence to go all out and persevere

home hotline: what do you think of the future development prospect of 90 degree smart home

president Zhang: when I chose jiushidu, I saw its future value and appreciation potential. Then our jiushidu smart wardrobe and cabinet must have its development status and space in the future market, so I am full of confidence in jiushidu

home hotline: finally, please send a few wishes for the future development of 90 degrees

president Zhang: I hope that 90 degrees will always have the support of all our dealers and our company in the future development process. Let's work together to make 90 degrees bigger and stronger! Thank you




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