The importance of quality in Enterprises

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With the increasing development of economy, science and technology, our company deeply feels the importance of improving product quality. Our company always puts quality in the first place and strives for quality, which should be implemented in the hearts of every employee of the enterprise to form a solid quality awareness; To seek quality, we should pay more attention to details, start from small things, and take care of product quality like taking care of life

first, in terms of development, quality is the last word

Deng Xiaoping said, "development is the last word." Today, when product quality is the life of an enterprise, product quality has become the fundamental and development guarantee for an enterprise in the market. The quality of products determines the life of products and even the development fate of enterprises. There is no market without quality, no benefit without quality, and no development without quality. Therefore, quality is the last word! Especially now that the world economy is in a downturn, we should pay more attention to product quality and win with quality

second, quality awareness is the key

product quality depends on process quality, process quality depends on work quality, and work quality ultimately depends on the quality of employees. Whether product quality, service quality or work quality, in the final analysis, depends on the "quality" of the people who manufacture products, provide services and manage. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the role of employees, fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, and maximize product quality, service quality and work quality. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality awareness is the soul of enterprise life. Therefore, to improve product quality, we must first enhance the quality awareness of employees. At present, our company carries out one post and one inspection from the warehousing of raw materials to the warehouse out of finished products, so as to ensure the level by level control, grasp every process and every detail, and operate in strict accordance with the guidance of ISO, so as to prevent unqualified products from entering the production and avoid defective products from leaving the factory

third, quality and details are the key points

the pursuit of perfect quality requires starting from small things and doing a good job in details. Mount Tai does not refuse fine soil, so it can become its height; Rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so they can be deep. Details are the key points in the process of operation. Mastering details is to control quality. As the social division of labor becomes more and more detailed and the degree of specialization becomes higher and higher, only by paying attention to the details and keeping improving to ensure quality can products win in the competition. Therefore, pursuing perfect quality and grasping details are the key points to improve quality

fourth, it is of great significance to improve product quality

improving product quality is not only of great significance to the development of enterprises, but also will have a far-reaching impact on society. The quality of products or services is the main factor that determines the quality, development, economic strength and competitive advantage of enterprises. Quality is also the most critical factor to compete for the market. Whoever can provide users with satisfactory products or services in a flexible and fast way will win the competitive advantage in the market

after years of pursuit, effort and persistence in quality, SiGe fingerprint lock won the title of "national quality integrity excellent enterprise" from 2012 to 2015 by China Quality Inspection Association





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