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The study is the main place to study and work. In the process of decoration of the study, a perfect study can not only play the function of the study itself, but also provide a quiet and relaxing environment for the owner. Let's enjoy these exquisite study decoration renderings with Xiaobian

the study is decorated in a beautiful pastoral style. The white space is crystal clear and beautiful. The white exquisite desk and bookcase look very textured. The study uses more decorations of the emerald flower series, as well as the collocation of beautiful bouquets and fresh plants, beautiful crystal lights and elegant floor carpets, which makes this small study so exquisite

the design and decoration of a very personalized and fashionable study adopts personalized bookshelves made of solid wood. The hollowed out bookshelf is a little Chinese style, but it is more fashionable. The beautiful round chandelier is more popular, creating a delicate and elegant study

the Korean style office study decoration adopts the ivory overall study furniture combination, which looks very tasteful. Green flower wallpaper with yellow patterns and simple green plant decoration are all for creating a good reading and working environment

modern style colorful study decoration. The decoration of the whole study is mostly decorated with bright colored decorative fabrics, full of famous ethnic customs. It's also good to design some simple personalized devices on the blue background wall according to your hobbies, which is natural and fresh

more decoration renderings: http://www.whjzw.net/Pirture/Anli1_anli_0_0_0_0_





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