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How to choose and buy decoration plates? Ranking of top ten Chinese plate brands in 2018

as we all know, the main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution is wood-based panels used in decoration and furniture. So, choosing environmentally friendly boards is the top priority to prevent indoor formaldehyde pollution. Today, China's top ten brands of fine wood, craftsman and healthy board come to share with you the boards often encountered in decoration

classification of boards:

according to the material, it can be divided into two categories: solid wood boards and man-made boards. Now most of the boards used in decoration and furniture are man-made boards, and solid wood boards are rare

now let's take a look at the introduction of several types of boards that are popular in the current market:

1. Ecological board, 2. Blockboard, 3. Decorative panel, 4. Plywood, 5. Particleboard, 6. Density board, 7. Fireproof board, 8. Solid wood board, 9. Finger board, 10. Integrated board, 11. Gypsum board

ecological board, divided into two concepts: narrow sense and broad sense

1. In a broad sense, ecological board is equivalent to melamine veneer. Its full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper facing artificial board. It is a decorative board formed by hot pressing paper with different colors or textures into ecological board resin adhesive, drying to a certain degree of curing, and paving it on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard or other hard fiberboard

2. In a narrow sense, the ecological board only refers to the melamine decorative panel whose middle base material is spliced solid wood (such as Malacca, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Tung wood, poplar, etc.). It is mainly used in furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and other fields

solid wood board, as the name suggests, is made of complete wood

these plates are strong and durable, with natural lines, and are the best choice in decoration. However, due to the high cost of such plates and the high requirements of construction technology, they are not used much in decoration. Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the actual name of the board, and there is no unified standard specification. At present, in addition to the use of solid wood panels for floors and door leaves, generally the boards we use are man-made boards produced by manual processing

decorative panel, commonly known as panel

is a decorative board with single-sided decorative effect, which is made by accurately planing the solid wood board into thin veneers with a thickness of about 0.2cm and taking the plywood as the base material through the adhesive process. It is a special way for splints to exist, with a thickness of 3 cm

blockboard, commonly known as big core board

the large core board is made of two pieces of veneers glued and spliced between them. The price of large core board is cheaper than that of thin core board, and its vertical bending strength (distinguished by the direction of core material) is poor, but its horizontal bending strength is high

fireproof board

fireproof board is a decorative board made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and autoclaved. It is a new type of material used more and more at present, and its use is not only due to fire prevention factors. The construction of fire-proof board has higher requirements for gluing, and the price of fire-proof board with better quality is also more expensive than that of decorative panel. The thickness of fireproof board is generally 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm

tooth joint plate, which is composed of several pieces of wood strips longitudinally and horizontally by using adhesives and cold pressing, that is, laminated wood plate

the specific process outline is: for wooden strips of the same width, thickness, and length of the same or different lengths, the two ends of the length direction are respectively sawtooth shaped by special woodworking equipment, and the sawtooth at the two adjacent ends of the wooden strips are coated with white emulsion, which are inserted and meshed with each other, which is called tooth joint. Because the zigzag interface is similar to the cross docking of fingers, it is also called finger board

gypsum board

is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a kind of building material with light weight, high strength, thin thickness, convenient processing, sound insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention. It is one of the new light-weight plates that are currently focused on development

summary: the above is the basic knowledge of several commonly used boards for home decoration briefly introduced by the editor. Friendly reminder: when purchasing home decoration boards and furniture boards, we must understand their environmental performance and materials, and try to choose environmentally friendly and healthy boards. In addition to providing you with high-quality products, fine craftsman health board will also teach you a lot of small knowledge and help your life

ranking of top ten brands of Chinese board:

1. Refined wood craftsman health board - Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

2. Rabbit baby board - Dehua rabbit baby decoration new material Co., Ltd.

3. Baidibao health board - Putian Huangpu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

4. Moganshan board - Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd.

5 Shenzhou homeland environmental protection board - Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

there are several other well-known brands, which are not introduced here, and you can see them on the Internet

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