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Molyk cartoon expression baogongzai has ordered! Molike cartoon expression package runs through your daily wechat conversation with customers, filling in the emotional response that words and voice can't bring. At the same time, it makes customers impressed with you and adds points to their emotions

what do you fear most in the process of talking about orders on weekdays? I'm afraid I've been chatting with the customer in full swing. When the list was about to hit my hand, the customer suddenly said, "can you offer more discounts?" "Can you give me a discount?" "So and so's only XX money, can't you give me a cheaper price?"

how to break in the face of such a situation? Today, Xiaomo will give you a move

the cartoon expression of Molike has been subscribed! Molike cartoon expressions are embedded in your daily wechat conversation with customers. Cute and interesting expressions instantly shorten the relationship between you and customers, fill in the emotional response that words and voice can't bring, and impress customers with you at the same time

the now launched Molike cartoon expression doll can also be used as a feedback gift for old customers, a gift for new customers and a gift at a low discount, which not only saves you the pain of cutting meat, but also ensures the customer's favor for you. Maybe next time, you will invite relatives and friends to visit

in addition, this Molike cartoon doll can also decorate the store, add points to the overall image, enhance customers' brand memory of Molike, form word-of-mouth communication, and accumulate store popularity

parents in the new era are willing to follow their children's wishes. Such cute cartoon dolls may capture the love of many children! As a parent, how can you bear to refuse this gift

this cute doll is only 21 yuan, which is very cost-effective as a gift! Now there are 500, starting from 1. Come and book what you want

ordering channel: contact Molike customer service

Molike curtain has advanced production equipment and design team. It has four modern chemical plants: weaving factory, cotton Thai factory, embroidery factory and finished product manufacturer. The huge R & D team integrates the cutting-edge design concept into the five style series products of European charm, simple style, urban leisure, natural poetry and fashion elements. Every two seasons, 600 new products with original copyright are launched to keep your home at the forefront of the trend. The overall soft clothing categories such as curtains, wall coverings, window decorations and soft bags are well-known nationwide

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