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Analysis of what is trackless telescopic door editor: Ronggao door industry

trackless telescopic door is a trackless suspension door, trackless, wheelless, suspended walking, bringing a new revolution in the domestic door industry

the new patented design concept, the trackless suspension door makes the king of the door. The editor summarized the characteristics of the trackless telescopic door:

1 There is no need to lay guide rails, and the road is always unobstructed from installation to use. No need to run on wheels, even in the freezing and snowy winter, it can run freely

2 King temperament, stable atmosphere, smooth lines, solid and reliable, low failure rate

3 The shapes are rich, the colors can be matched freely, and a variety of coating processes can be selected on the surface to achieve good visual effects

humanized intelligent design and trackless suspension door make a safe and comfortable new life

1. Thoughtful night fortification function

2 Omni directional anti-collision function of vehicles and pedestrians

3 Humanized anti pinch airbag function

4 Automatic switching function of UPS power supply

5 Adopt frequency conversion technology, slow start function

6 Multiple door control selection functions

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