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Now ordinary white-collar workers, in the face of housing prices for the purchase of a limited area, generally choose small houses. More often, in decoration, we will ask for supreme beauty, carefully calculate and make good use of every inch of area to maximize the value. In particular, the bathroom decoration, 35 square meters of area has many functions can not be achieved, in the face of space limitations, how to decorate the bathroom? Let's take a look at the design skills of small bathroom decoration with Xiaobian

bathroom decoration design skills: space borrowing

when you encounter a small bathroom, you should first consider whether you can borrow other bedroom space: the next door on both sides of the bathroom is mostly a bedroom or kitchen, and the bedroom side can usually borrow part of the area through the demolition of the wall (indoor partition wall is usually non load-bearing wall), so as to expand the bathroom space; If you want to borrow space from the side of the kitchen, it's not easy to do, because the waterways, circuits and gas pipelines in the kitchen are dense. Once the wall is demolished, it will not only be a large amount of work, but also easy to lay hidden dangers for future home life. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to borrow space from the side of the bedroom

bathroom decoration design skills: using transparent materials

using glass curtain wall to decorate the master bedroom small bathroom is a very popular practice at present - now many newlyweds use the glass curtain wall in the bedroom to replace the original master bedroom bathroom wall. Although such an approach cannot increase the actual area of the small bathroom, it extends the line of sight in the bathroom, reduces the depression of the small bathroom in feeling, and achieves a certain “ Romantic effect &rdquo

bathroom decoration design skills: reducing the volume of bathroom equipment

reducing the volume of bathroom equipment is also a highly feasible approach: the use of column type (or empty bottom) basins, the purchase of small floor area connected toilet, etc. are effective ways to save bathroom space. In addition, making full use of glass products to reduce the sense of space congestion, and properly using mirrors to highlight the sense of space of bathroom are also good methods, As long as you use it properly, it will have a good effect. You might as well try it

saving space during decoration is saving money in disguise. No matter the size of the house, it requires skills to use every inch properly. After reading the small bathroom decoration skills brought by Xiaobian today, I wonder if you have a good idea to decorate your bathroom? If we have an idea, we will act quickly. Make good use of the space for bathroom decoration, and let our small bathroom bring us the enjoyment of David's bathroom




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