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"I was going to move into my new house during the Spring Festival. I didn't expect it, but now I've got chicken feathers all over the place. It's too disturbing." Recently, Miss Huang, a citizen of Nanning, told reporters about her experience in the decoration process, with a tired face. What made her even more sad was that these days, when she wanted to negotiate with the company again, she found that after spending almost half of her life savings to buy a house, the first problem she faced was how to dress up her new home. However, for most citizens with decoration experience, decoration was not only nerve racking and laborious, but also had to fight with the decoration company all the time. Yesterday, this newspaper published the "Nanjing decoration regulations", which will be implemented next year. Some citizens called this newspaper to ask what real protection the new regulations have done to decorators

the maximum penalty for employees who do not hold a certificate is 5000

according to them, less than a year after the decoration, there were "waves" on the wall, and the wall skin fell down hard; In the past two years, the neighbors downstairs reported that their bathroom was leaking - for the "quality assurance" project after decoration, almost every decoration company has its own statement, and consumers have always been in a passive position. The reporter from Nanjing Decoration Industry Association learned that the "new regulations" has made unified requirements for the "warranty period" of important decoration parts of the house: under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period for residential interior decoration is 2 years, and the anti-seepage period for kitchens, toilets and external walls with waterproof requirements is 5 years

in addition, the new regulations require that all staff of decoration companies must hold qualification certificates issued by the construction department before taking up their posts! The new regulations emphasize that all staff of decoration companies must work with certificates, otherwise the maximum personal penalty is 5000 yuan

rainwater pipes shall not discharge sewage

in order to pursue the effect of decoration, many decoration companies will carry out "drastic" transformation of the owner's home, but some transformation hidden risks. In this regard, the "new regulations" has made clear protection for the living safety of the neighbors. In a word, "decoration can't act recklessly."

the new regulations require that without the permission of the real estate administrative department, it is not allowed to dismantle and modify the bearing beams, columns, plates and infrastructure, dismantle the bearing wall, or excavate the closet, door and window openings on the bearing wall; Personal decoration shall not change rooms or balconies without waterproof measures into toilets and kitchens; Rainwater pipes shall not be used to discharge domestic sewage; Do not damage the original energy-saving facilities of the house, reduce the energy-saving effect, etc

if the construction party causes wall damage, pipe blockage, water leakage, water and power failure of adjacent obligees, the construction party and decorator shall repair them in time; If losses are caused, the decorator shall compensate according to law. If the losses are caused by the construction party, the decorator shall have the right to recover from the construction party after making compensation in advance

inform the property management before decoration

in the past, most people used to find a home decoration company, buy materials, and then pick a auspicious day to officially start the construction. However, the new regulations require that the decorator should inform the property management unit in advance before the commencement of construction after making preparations for his own decoration, and need to provide: the certificate of housing ownership registration. If the decorator is the user, he should also submit the certificate that the housing owner agrees to the change of housing structure; Identification of the owner or user of the house; If the common parts are involved, the certificate of consent of the common person to the change shall be provided; If it is necessary to obtain the permission of the municipal real estate administrative department, the permission document of the municipal real estate administrative department shall also be submitted




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