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09 China fluorosilicone chemical industry economic and technical situation analysis meeting held on November 24 in the 2009 China fluorosilicone chemical industry economic and technical situation analysis meeting held in Shanghai, in view of the decentralized development of China's silane coupling agent industry and the situation of enterprises fighting their own battles, liaojun, general manager of Hubei Wuda organosilicon NEW materials Co., Ltd., pointed out that the domestic organosilicon industry should strengthen the cooperation between technology and capital through upstream and downstream material circulation Comprehensive utilization to form an effective industrial cycle chain

this is very important. At present, the main problems of China's silane coupling agent industry are that there are few product varieties, insufficient application technology development, and a relative lack of high-quality and functional products. In addition, there is a lack of resource conservation and environmental protection, large-scale and intensive development has not been achieved, and the industrial division of labor and the combination of upstream and downstream are not enough, so it is difficult to form an overall competitiveness. Liaojun believes that strengthening the cooperation between upstream and downstream industrial chains at present is conducive to the rational utilization of resources, environmental protection and cost reduction. It is also conducive to the complementary advantages among enterprises in the industrial chain, highlighting the key points, and realizing scale and intensification

he said that the financial crisis meant "danger" and "opportunity" for silane coupling agents. The "danger" lies in that the development of this industry in China depends on traditional industries, and the application proportion in the high-tech field is low, resulting in a significant decline in the industrial development of the domestic market from the third quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year. The "machine" lies in the fact that the severe competition in the market for battery extrusion experimental machine is the tightening competition between the two flat surfaces of the battery, which promotes the integration between enterprises and is conducive to the long-term development of the industry. In addition, based on cost pressure, foreign companies gradually tend to purchase Chinese products with high quality and low price. Some companies may give up local production and instead cooperate with China, thus shifting the focus of the industry to China

based on this situation, liaojun put forward several suggestions: first, accelerate the development of product application technology and new varieties; Second, promote the research of applied and functional products. For example, in the future, the group will have more factories to establish synthetic silane, aqueous silane, VOC free silane, oligosilane, sol silane, UV active and fluorescent silane, etc; Third, we should strive to save resources and protect the environment, vigorously develop direct trialkoxysilane coupling agents, and transfer mono - and di alkoxysilane to large chlorosilane manufacturers; Fourth, achieve large-scale and intensive development and avoid low-level redundant construction. In addition, the upstream and downstream should strengthen cooperation to jointly enhance the value of the industrial chain

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